Saturday, October 31, 2009

Costumes and Winter Jackets

I am a California girl.  Halloween and winter jackets are not usually used in the same sentence in my world.  Except maybe if your costume was a skier or some dumb-ass who lives in a cold climate.  File that bit of info away, while I paint the scene here in lovely Illinois.

It has rained.  So much so, when the kids ask me what the weather is going to be like, I don't have to think about it, wet is my go-to answer.  When you step on the lawn it is like a sponge.  Water smooshes up and your feet get wet.  My sump pump is running all the time.  My back-up sump pump has even been utilized.  I know this because a little light goes on to tell you that the regular sump pump can't cope and the back-up, under-study sump is needed.  I comfort myself with the knowledge that after the whole Noah situation G-d promised not to flood the earth again.  Hope he is a promise keeper type of guy.

Yesterday, it was warm and rainy. I think it might have been 65ish.  I was a bit toasty in my rain slicker.  Today, it stopped raining.  This is great.  No rain for Halloween.  Yeah, except, what pushed the rain away was some arctic air.  It is windy.  For all you comedians out there, Chicago is NOT the windy city because of the wind, but rather the chatty politicians.  It is 42 degrees out.  So, technically not freezing.

So, how am I suppose to put the kids in their cute costumes and keep them warm?  Thus, enters the winter coat.  Do they wear it over or under?  Is it supposed to be part of the costume?  Is it worth putting the costume on if all you are going to do is cover it with a coat?  Seriously, Halloween in this part of the country blows.  I wish it was warmer.

I will post pictures tomorrow.

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