Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last Day

There is a song, not sure who sings it, but anyway, it is about what would you do if you knew that today was your last day alive?  It poses an interesting question, and of course the idea is that you should live your everyday as if it were your last, because, well you never know.

If today were my last day, I would not have gone grocery shopping.  I would not have put money in the bank.  I would not have written this post.  I would not have returned my netflix movie.  I would not have walked the kids to school.  I would have hung with my babies and my husband, who would not have interviewed for a job this morning.

I think it is really not possible to live as if everyday is your last day, because the things that need to get done on the off chance that it isn't your last day.  If it is not your last day, you have to deal with the task of living.  While the message of not having any regrets is a good one.  Surely we should try and live out lives that way, but it is just not practical to live as if you have no tomorrow, when in reality you most likely do.


Totally unrelated to the above, I read this in my husband's October horoscope.

If you were born on March 7, then October 2008 through April 2009 was the most difficult (with March perhaps the hardest).

Bob's birthday is March 8, and this is absolutely correct.  The days are exactly when things were the worst and March was the hardest, before we figured out a new coping mechanism.   The upshot to this, is that, by the first part of the year, we should start to turn things around.  This month should show some improvement.  I am not so confident about that, as all the open doors we thought we had on the job front all closed today.  I hope that we have the future to look forward to, and that this is as frighteningly accurate on that as it was on the bad stuff.


  1. is the song "live like you were dying?" just wondering. i'm trying to think of what other song it could be, but it does sound like a country song.

  2. Might be, I think it is a Matchbox 20 song...