Saturday, October 24, 2009

Driving Miss T

Big cities scare me.  There I said it.  I am a small town girl and lots of people in one place scare me.  Don't even get me started on being stuck in an elevator in a city with lots of people.  I will take the stairs, thank you.

Tonight I got to drive under the El (short for elevated train, is the subway in Chicago, which is really an upway...).  El is suspiciously like elevator.  We were under the el, when it stopped and let people out.  Did I mention is was dark?  We were lostish.  Not so lost as I couldn't get home, but not exactly where we needed to be.  So, here we are, in the dark, under the el, with lots of people, going the wrong way.  Yeah, I was glad I wear underwear, so as to protect my jeans from body fluids stuff.

We flipped a u-turn, which is legal to do at point on the road in the state of Illinois, as long as it is not posted otherwise and you aren't disrupting traffic or crossing a median.  I was glad about this, because did I mention the el had just disgorged people?  Lots of people.  Scary people.  Not a fan of people.  We headed back away from the city.  I am always so happy to head AWAY from the city.  Away from the scary people.

I survived, I know, I was worried I wouldn't be able to write my blog, see my kids....  Ooops, I meant to put the kids first..... especially after the whole forgetting them incident.  I made it to my final destination.

The trip home showed me how to avoid some tolls without much problem.  So it had an educational aspect to it.  Now I know why the mapping systems send you that way. 

I tell Bob about my adventures.  He says to me, "you were where?  Why didn't you take the GPS?"

Eye roll seen from the sky.  "I forgot it you dumbass."  I mean really has he not been paying attention?  I forgot the kids today, the fact that I forgot the GPS should not have been shocking.

I am checking into an Alzheimer's unit in the morning.

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