Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Pause

Time has passed and I still have not decided what I want to do in this space.

Do I want to be a diet blog?  Talk about all the healthy recipes and food we eat now?

Do I want to talk about knitting?

Do I want to continue to use this space and a place to pour out what comes into my head?

Should I continue to talk about raising the kids?

I began to wonder, well, what is the objective of the blog?  Some things that have come to me because of the blog, include an opportunity to write for other people.  Yet, really, I have used this space as a way to express myself about what ever it is in my head.

At one time, I had all these ideas in my head.  All these things I wanted to write about.  But as daily life began to take its toll on me those ideas became less frequent.

Where I am right now is in a state of transition.  I am working on figuring out where I, where we go from here.  I have been weeding the negativity out of my life and trying to surround myself with the positive.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  I am not worried that the gaps left by the departure of the negative will not be filled.  My only hope is that they are filled with positive.

Right now, for a variety of reasons, I want to keep my life private.  I don't want everyone reading about what I am doing.  Eventually, that will change.  So, my visits here will probably be infrequent.  But, I am pretty sure I will be back.

Maybe you will be back too... maybe not.