Monday, October 26, 2009


I pray for change.  Every single day, I pray for change.  I do it sometimes hundreds of times a day.  I pray for change.  Many of you who know we well, know that I hate change.  I announce this on a fairly regular basis.  Interestingly enough I am praying for change, at the same time I am announcing I hate change.

So, perhaps it isn't change I dislike so much as just the unknown.  I am not a fan of not knowing what to expect.  Yet, life changes on a dime.  One minute you think everything will be the same and something happens.  Something dramatic, and your life is forever altered.  The course you thought you would take is no longer the same.  Usually at some point in the journey your are glad you are where you are, but I wonder how much of that is a reaction to the fact that being any place else is sort of not a choice.

Today I pray for change, because I no longer wish to be here.  I know that getting to where we are getting to requires that we pass through here, I am done with it and want to move on.  So, perhaps tomorrow is the day everything changes?  Probably not, but maybe soon.

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