Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cherry Cola

Awhile ago I lost my sock mojo.  I was just off socks.  So many stickin' baby blankets to make.  The socks I made my sister-in-law were so yucky, it put me off socks for awhile.  Well, I am getting my mojo back.  I found this amazingly lovely yarn, and am now making a pattern called Mojo.  They are socks that don't match, they coordinate.  LOVE that!

It is called Cherry Cola... I love cherry cola, and I love this yarn.  This yarn did not, could not, refused to go and live with my stash.  It would have been in good company, but it showed me it's teeth.  So I didn't put it away.  Apparently, this yarn does not play well with the other children.

Sock pictures to come!

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