Friday, October 9, 2009

A few thoughts for Friday

  • Comcast commented on my post about their customer service.  That was nice of them to notice, but from what I understand the situation has been resolved.  I do think it might be a good general practice to give people some more information on when the item they want might be coming in, or offer a number to call.  To make someone stand in line for ages, is sort of not ok.
  • While we are on the topic of Comcast, who has ever waited for one of them to come and drop by to do work?  On their own schedule aren't they?  A friend of mine, having read the prior post told me a story about how she had them all scheduled, something came up and she had to cancel.  They couldn't fit her in for a month after that.  She works, you know so she can pay Comcast, and they put her on a waiting list.  They would call her on her cell and say, we can be there in 10 minutes, well, she is at work... not like she can be home in 10 minutes.  What a comedy of errors!
  • We do not have Comcast, so I can not comment on them from my own experience! Growing up it was Cox cable.  Say that out loud, cox... yeah, we all thought it was an appropriate name too.
  • One last thought on Comcast, if you don't want people to write blog posts about how bad your service is, you might want to think about improving it.  9 times out of 10, that starts by empowering your employees and treating them well.  No one wants to do a bad job, but often people do because they are so controlled that they stop caring.  Just a thought.
  • While on the topic of service, I actually had a good conversation with someone at ATT.  I know the shock could kill a person.  She was pleasant, helpful, knew what she was doing and, get this, actually solved my problem.
  • Ok, since the fine folks at Comcast and maybe ATT are going to hit my blog today, perhaps we should invite Terminix to the party.  I shall rhapsodize about my bug guy, Adam, love him.  He is like my BFF now.   If only he could kill the darn ants.  Seriously, I am going to get some strange cancer and die and the ants will live on.  Total nuclear annihilation, and there will still be ants.  Cave-wives were after their husbands to kill ants.  Dear, after you slay that mammoth, can you please deal with the ants?  Ants vs. cockroaches, I would take ants in a heart beat.  That said I would also rather have ant in my house than cockroach, those dudes need some serious PR.
  • The girls at school seem to want to kiss Sam.  The teacher says this happens every year.  I think that is so funny.  I remember doing it when I was in first grade too... must be a right of passage.
  • Hannah wants a My Little Pony and a Light Saber for her birthday.  Can you tell she has older brothers?  She also wants to be a pink Darth Vader for Halloween.  We settled on a princess.

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  1. 1) Have you ever talked to a Comcast employee about Comcast? Truly an enlightening conversation. The ones I have talked to don't have many nice things to say about them either.

    2) I think a My Little Pony and Light Saber is a perfectly normal combination! :)