Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Post on Sunday

So much has been happening lately, I haven't really had time to process it all.  Not the least of which, my Mom has been visiting me.  It has been great fun to see her and hang out with her.  The kids enjoy visiting with Grandma as well.  So, I haven't really had much time to write anything.

Tuesday, I pretty much had given up hope.  I was feeling like perhaps all my positive attitude, prayers and confidence that everything would be alright was just bullshit.  I was starting to think maybe I was drinking too much of the Kool-Aid and not dying enough yarn with it.

I was talking to my good friend MJ and she told me that the bible says to ask and keep asking.  So, we kept asking.  She said she would ask more often as well.  Perhaps between the two of us we could get through.  Maybe things would turn around.   While, I do not know if anything will come of anything, which is why I really don't want to talk about it... something, a lot of somethings happened.  It looks like maybe everything will be alright.  Perhaps it wasn't so much bullshit. 

I want things to solidify before I really talk about it, but please ask for us to end this difficult period.  Pray for us to make good decisions and good choices about our next move.  Most of, ask for there to be a job offer!

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