Friday, April 30, 2010

April Re-Cap


  • Knit 1 skein on my sweater -- Did this.. only 2 or 3 more to go.  It is like torture to work on it, because the pattern is soooo boring.  I am loving the results though.
  • Knit 15 squares on my blanket - I did about 25 this month.  If I do 25 a month, I may actually finish this thing in another year.  I would like to be done eventually.  Although, I have a hard time imagining snuggling under it!
  • Knit one row of pin-wheels for pin-wheel scarf -- abandoned due to poor yarn choice for the pattern.  The yarn, the needles and the pattern just didn't get along well.  I plan to do this, but with different yarn.  So, I took the yarn for this project and am making a triangle scarf.  It is coming along nicely!!

Monthly Goals:
  •  Christmas Stocking for Martha -- DONE!

    •  Shur'rugal socks out of Happiest Girl, I never promised you a rose garden.  (I love the names of the colorways in this line of yarn!)

      • For extra credit I made a small sheep.  Isn't he cute?  I love him... I must make more!  His name is Pedro.

        I think this will be all I can get done this month.  If I finish up early, I will keep working on my blanket or start another project!

        Thursday, April 29, 2010


        The next two days were much better than you might think.   In the end, it turned out to be a good time.  The kids loved singing songs and playing with the other kids.  Mac wants to go to camp there next summer.  Sam and Hannah can't wait until next year.

        The torah study sessions were not as boring as one might have expected.  People thought I should absolutely knit during the conversations and sessions.  Good folks!!  We met some other families that we liked, and they seemed to like us.  There is even plans for a park date or other get together!!

        The singing, and there was a lot of it, didn't kill Bob or the kids.  Attending 3 hours of services didn't kill me.  There was only one melt-down and it was sort of justified.  All and all, a success.

        On the ride home, all three kids passed out until we got to Bob's car at work.  Kids on Camp!

        Guess what, we will probably do it again.  According to some of the other folks, we will probably also get lost again.  At least we will know to expect it!

        Some photos:

        Wednesday, April 28, 2010


        We have arrived.  I let Bob and the kids unload the van.  I needed to cool off for a minute and make wise cracks about the lameness of my husband.  Once I have started to settle in, and we are starting to find our way around, things start to look up.

        I take the boys to their cabin.  They have paid camp counselors on staff to watch the kids.  This is a pretty nice thing!  I get everyone settled in, and it is time to head over for dinner.  So, we do that.  I think to myself, self, it is going to be really dark once the sun totally sets.  This was some foresight on my part.  So, I leave Bob and the kids to get seats and I run back to our cabin to get a flashlight.

        Bob decides to position us at the kids table.  Not with the other families or adults, but with the kids.  Since our objective was to meet other families, sitting at the kids table was not going to really help with this.  Still frustrated.

        We finish dinner, clear our plates, etc.  I need to use the bathroom, but I can not find it.  I look where people tell me to, but I can not find it.  I am close to tears again.  The learning curve is very steep at this place, and no one seems to realize we are new and need a little extra information.  I see a friend of mine, and she asks me how things are going.  I tell we aren't having such a strong day.  She says, she is on her way to the bathroom, to join her and we can chat.  Hallelujah!!  The potty!!

        At 8:30 pm, we head over for an hour of religious services.  Hannah is shot, the boys are pooped.  Everyone behaved during the service, but it was a very long day.  I was very happy to deposit in the care of someone else!!

        After that we did an ice breaker activity, where we did madlibs from the bible stories.  It was fun, except the group I was in wanted to do a dirty one too.  Might I remind everyone about the people who traumatized me at the Shabbat dinner (link in case you don't remember  The food was good).  Yeah, it was the husband who wanted to do the dirty madlib.  I was starting to wonder if I would make it out alive.

        Thus ends our first day.  Based only on this day, I would never do this again.  But, there are still 2 more days...

        Tuesday, April 27, 2010


        The much anticipated results from my confession on Friday.  You know the one where I say I am going to go on the retreat/conference in the woods?  What I learned, is that what my parents did at Family Camp was not really what most people do at these retreats.  I think my parents joined the church they did because they drink wine...  a lot.  Things are much less radical these days, but back in the 70's and early 80's there was lots of adults drinking wine.  It was one big party!

        Friday was not such a good day.  I had a lot of errands to do before we could pack up and head to Wisconsin.  Everything took longer than I thought it should.  That said, I arrived at the arranged meeting place to pick up Bob right on schedule.  I am waiting.  I hear my phone playing its song and guess who it is, Bob.  He is going to be late.  So already we are leaving town later than I wanted to, we are now going to be even later.

        We finally head out.  We make it through the traffic in Milwaukee.  We are finally in striking distance, when I inquire as to what I should do.  The GPS said to stay on Route 16, and Route 16 is turning.  BUT the GPS didn't say to turn.  Do you follow the sign or the GPS?  Since I am not allowed to look at the GPS and see where the highlighted route is, I ask Bob.  He tells me to turn.  He sucks as a navigator.  Have I mentioned this before?  If not, it really is long over due.  It is best for me to read the maps and him to drive.

        Anyway, I turn.  I should not have turned, but I did.  So we get off on Lang Road.  This seems somewhat promising, for obvious reasons.  Sadly, Lang Road ends, but the GPS was under the impression that it did not do this.  So, in order to follow the highlighted route, I had to 4 wheel it through a pasture.  Not so much in the mini-van.  I turned.

        The GPS was no help, Bob was no help, it was getting dark in we are in the middle of nowhere and we are lost.  GREAT, just great.  I knew this whole retreat was a bad idea.  I lost it.  See I wanted to leave earlier, I wanted Bob to take time off of work so that there would be time for us to get there, in the day light.  I was crying because I was so frustrated.

        Bob decides to drive.  This is a good idea, because I understand how to use the map feature on the GPS.  So, I start to give some directions.  Of course, Bob is going about 80 mph on a country road, so we flew by many of our turns.  So here is the scene, me yelling at him to slow down and turn.  I would like to note, if this was me behind the wheel there would be 85 thousand cop cars on my butt writing me tickets.  Bob is driving, not a cop in sight.

        Finally, finally, we find this place.  But, we found the back of it, not the entrance.  One can not put the entrance to correlate with the address, that would be too freakin' easy.  You know, plug the address in the GPS, and show up at the entrance. 

        Anyway, since I actually know how to use the map feature for the GPS, I directed us to circle the camp, eventually there will be an entrance.  At least one would think.  Amazingly, we found it.  When I arrived, I was ready for a divorce.  Sadly, not a divorce lawyer in the bunch.

        So to say things didn't get off to a good start is an understatement.  More tomorrow.

        Sunday, April 25, 2010

        Goals for May

        I don't know what my readers think about this whole goals thing, but it is working out mostly ok for me.  I did have a little anxiety about it last month, which made me rethink the whole concept.  While they are what I would like to complete this month, it is not like there is a monster that will eat me or knitting police.

        The question... what am I going to make with this??

        Monthly Goals:

        • Knit one skein on my February Lady Sweater (almost done with this!)
        • Knit 25 squares on my blanket
        April Goals:
        • Finish scarf from last month
        • Make Sunday Swing Socks
        • Make Just Enough Ruffles scarf

          • Pokeball hat for Sam (hopefully!!)

          Friday, April 23, 2010


          Alright, on the eve of this great idea, I guess I have to fess up to the journey we are about to embark on.  I signed us up to go to a retreat, sponsored by the Temple.  Sometimes I wonder about these decisions that I make.

          When I was a kid, we went on tons of these retreats.  It was all hiking, swimming, crafts and playing.  The adults would sit around drinking wine and talking.  We would have a bon fire and sing.  I think they may have gone to a few bible study deals, but it certainly did not fill the day.

          So, I had visions of wine, relaxing and some good times.  I got the schedule. It is like a freakin' conference.  Every minute of every day is scheduled.  I am not a fill every minute kinda girl...  I am also not a have 8 hours of bible study every day kinda girl. It will be very interesting to see how this goes down.  Perhaps bible study is code for drink wine?

          My visions of knitting, relaxing and generally having a very chill weekend, might not come to pass.  We will have to see... but I do have a few posts ready for you to read over the weekend while I am gone, so I won't be totally without opinions while I am away.  Check back early next week to see how this whole little "idea" of mine goes down.

          Thursday, April 22, 2010

          A long day!!

          There has been a lot going on lately... Tuesday, at o'dark thirty (2:00 am, to be precise), I got a phone call.  Once my brain registered that the phone was ringing and I needed to answer it, I got the news that my friend was in labor.  YEAH!!

          Of course this means that her 3-year old daughter is going to come and stay with us.  So, at o'dark thirty I put the dog in her cage, set up the sleeping bag and got things ready for her visit.  Then I rested on the sofa, and promptly fell asleep.  Fortunately, the dog started to bark when they pulled into the driveway.

          It was a long day taking care of another child.  I had forgotten how labor intensive small kids are.  Yeah, she is only a year younger than Hannah, but still, having another one around... well, I am glad we only have three.  Sure if we had 4 I would be used to it by now.

          I took the daughter to JoAnn's while Hannah was in school.  Apparently, she had never been in that store before, because she had to touch everything she saw.  She wanted everything she saw.  This was surprising to me, because her parents don't really buy her a lot of things.  They aren't things type of people.  To see her need everything was really funny.  She also did not say, "I want this."  It was "this needs to come home with me."  I am sure that is just they way her family talks, but it was cute to see the different phrases that are common place in one family and not another.

          When we got home, we learned that the baby came and there was very little issue with the birth.  I am very excited for the family and their new addition!!

          Wednesday, April 21, 2010

          Bicycle Rider

          We have a new bicycle rider in our household...  don't you love the princess bike and the police helmet?  I don't ask questions!!

          Monday, April 19, 2010

          A trip to the ER.

          Yesterday, I awoke, feeling, well, let's just say I have felt better.  But, I figured a few aleve and some water and I could muscle through the day.  I sent Bob and the boys to religious school, and Hannah and I cleaned the play room and took naps.  Ok, I took a nap, she did something.  Then I went to knitting. 

          Nothing strenuous.  I figured, I would take it easy, rest a little during the day and then I would feel better tomorrow, which would be today.  It was a good plan.  Because when you have a cold, you are supposed to get extra rest and drink extra fluids.  I thought, yesterday that this might be allergies, but I think now it is a cold.  But I digress.

          All was working out well with my plan to take it easy.  Bob was on dinner and kid detail, when it happened.  Mac and Hannah were wrestling in the playroom.  Mac drug Hannah by her arm, after she flipped off is back.  Then the crying starts.  She comes into the room where I am resting with her arm in the I-just-dislocated-my-elbow-position.  Great!

          So, I look up how to reduce nursemaid elbow, and follow the directions.  I feel it click back into place.  But she is still wailing and carring on, and telling me it hurts and she can't move.  I try bribing her with ice cream, chocolate, toys, anything I can think of...  nothing works.  So, off to the ER we go.  Since this is the second time we have been for the same thing, I start to worry about what they are going to think.

          We arrive at the ER, she is still whimpering.  We go into the room where they admit her and what not.  The nurse take her arm and rotates it a little and probably put her elbow the rest of the way back.  Because, guess what, she is better, and leaps up off the chair and waves her arm.  This of course could not happen until AFTER we were admitted, so now we have to pay for the visit.

          The up-shot to the whole thing was that the PA taught me the correct way to reduce nursemaid elbow, so next time I can do this at home.  Which is great!!  I had only done part of the procedure.  Guess the internet isn't always right.  At least we only spent an hour at the ER.

          Sunday, April 18, 2010

          Lorna's again

          We went to Lorna's Laces again yesterday.  It was a long all day affair, but it was so much fun.  I love to get out with the ladies, have a little lunch and then look at pretty yarn.

          The colorways at Lorna's haven't changed much in past years, but it seems she is rolling out some new things and they are really pretty.  I have also noticed that her style is changing.  She is doing less of the half and half skeins and more gradient colorwork.  It is interesting to watch someone who would not describe themselves as an artist do something super creative and watch them grow into it!

          I ended up falling in love with some yarn that is blue and purple.  I can't wait to make a soft, ruffly scarf with it.  It is taking a lot of will power to not cast it on today, but I need to finish my socks first!!

          The weather is lovely here, and I hope everyone has a great day!

          Friday, April 16, 2010


          For today a list.

          • What state are you in?
          • Thailand is in Asia, so I thought that it would be ok.
          • Sparkle balls rock
          • Poetry readings at the local coffeehouse... so bohemian
          • Hot cocoa milk shakes
          • Judges are not fair and impartial... did you know they take sides?
          • Will it ever end?
          • But, once it does it will be weird
          • Will he still call me every day?
          • Craziness on Roosevelt, and now no sign of it.
          • No response. 
          • Everyone snickered a little
          • Now is the time to leave, and just not be there
          • Soon it will calm down and routine will settle in.
          • More yarn... 
          • Pedro plays wii, Pedro goes shopping, Pedro is not ours and must leave.  
          • People will be sad when Pedro leaves

          Wednesday, April 14, 2010

          It isn't fair.

          That isn't fair, you are siding with him.  It is a refrain I hear over and over and over again.  Part of my job is to be the "judge" in our household.  To listen to the stories and mete out punishment.

          When I hear adults whine that something isn't fair or that someone is siding with the other person, I want to shake them and ask them to think about it for a minute.  First off, life isn't fair.  But, when it seems that you are having more than your share of bad luck, it is time to take a look at the situation and decide how you are going to respond.  Whining about it, really isn't going to change things.

          Sometimes we have to put on our big girl panties and take a deep breathe and try and see things for what they are, and then try and correct the errors.  If you can't figure out what the issue is, perhaps ask a trusted friend for advice.  But, when all the indicators point to specific behavior, by you, then perhaps you need to look at that.  Perhaps, the reason things are not working out the way you want them to is that the choices you have made in your life are not good ones and the universe it trying to right that.  To encourage you to correct your behavior and make things right.

          It is my opinion that the events of recent past are trying to tell someone just that.  I think that the main players actually want things to change in a specific way.  That if you are willing to do the work and walk the walk, things will turn around for you.  The fact remains, that if you don't like the consequences of your current path, you are still in a position to change that.

          In life there are moments when everything suddenly changes.  The measure of the person is how they choose to embrace these changes.  How they react.  Are you going to see the path you need to take and take it, or are you going to do something else.  There are consequences to both decisions.  Good Luck.

          Tuesday, April 13, 2010

          The verdict is...

          While this is not over, it looks like the courts agreed with us, at least for today.  In situations like this the people involved are not really winners.  Regardless of what the outcome, the kids are ultimately the losers.  So, I hate to call today a victory, because it isn't a situation with winners, unless you count the attorneys.  That said it is nice to know that the courts agree with you.

          For those of you not in the loop, there has been  a custody battle going on in my extended family.  Bob and I are still good, not to worry!  But since today was a small victory, for the lack of a better word, lets be thankful for an improved situation.

          Monday, April 12, 2010

          Crazy Day, part 2

          We do the orthodontist and drop Hannah back at the house.  Then Mac and I continue on to the book store to purchase a birthday present for a party he has tomorrow.  Our plan is to have lunch and then buy the book.

          The decision is to have lunch first and then go to the bookstore.  We slow down in front of the restaurant and this crazy woman swings in front of us to get a parking space on the street.  I was amazing, she didn't even look to see the she totally cut us off.  It was odd, but other than being annoyed, we didn't think much of it.  I should have realized it was a sign that all the crazies were out.

          The restaurant is not open, so we reverse our plans, and head to the bookstore.  We are stopped at a pretty major intersection, and are turning right. (Roosevelt and Naperville, for you locs.)  There is 2 lanes of oncoming traffic and 2 lanes and a right hand turn lane on our side.  We are stopped in the right had turn lane.  The car in the lane next to us is stopped as well.  There are about 2 cars in front of her.  This is what you would expect when the light is red.  The cars are stopped and once they are stopped they stay that way until the light changes to green. 

          What happens next is best described in car crushing bullet points:
          • The crazy lady in the car next to us smashes into the car in front of her, pushing it 5 feet forward.  
          • Then she pops it into reverse and drives up on to the car behind her.  
          • The light changes and the cars in front of her scurry out of the way.  
          • She then pops it back in to drive, and turns left (thank g-d, because right would have been into me) and jumps the curb into a parking lot at the school (Old Hubble for those who live here!).  
          • She then proceeds to hit a service truck parked in the lot, smashes the back end of the truck into the truck parked next to it.  Pops it into reverse again, and smashes into the brick wall.
          With jaws agape, eyes popping out of our heads, it ended.  5 cars smashed up.  It seemed that all the people walked away, amazingly, but we are left with the question, what the heck happened here.  It was like the car was out of control or possessed or something.  No, it wasn't a Toyota.  CRAZY I tell you CRAZY.

          While this was definitely the climax of our day, it wasn't over yet...

          Sunday, April 11, 2010

          1 year ago

          Happy Birthday Blanket.

          Today marks the one year anniversary of the creation of my blanket.  I have done 276 squares out of 723. 

          When I started this blanket we were worried about Bob loosing his job.  It was probably one of the bleakest times in our life.  Bob was in a bad place, the kids were freaking out, the house was crumbling in around our ears and for some reason I decided to embark on this mammoth project.  Today, 1 year late, things are looking more bright and shiny.

          A photo of the birthday blanket.

          Saturday, April 10, 2010

          A Crazy Day, part 1

          Cats and dogs sleeping together, we had good service at Walmart.  I know, the shock... it is overwhelming.

          Let me start by saying that yesterday, I went to Toys R Us to purchase a bike for Hannah.  I had gotten an email stating that all bikes (this was how I remembered it), were 25% off.  So I decided, lets go get her a bike.  We look around and pick one out.  I ask the sales associate about the sale, and he says to me that he doesn't know anything about that, but all character bikes are going to be 25% off tomorrow, which would be today.

          Bright and early I load the kids into the van and we head off to buy a bike for Hannah.  Everyone is pumped.  We walk into the store and lo and behold, the character bikes are NOT 25% off.  I ask the speak to the manager and he tells me that they will be 25% off tomorrow.  Always a day away....

          I ask he what is going to do for me to keep me from getting in my car and driving the block down the street to Walmart to purchase a bike there.  He said, I was welcome to do that, and he wasn't going to do anything for me.  What he said he would do is price adjust the bike if I bought it today.  But I would have to come back into the store another day next week to do that.  I didn't like that option.  As an aside, the way he should have pitched that to me was, when you come back to pick up the bike after it is assembled I will price adjust it for you.  Then I would have focused on the fact that I had to come back anyway, but that didn't occur to me until I had left the store.

          At Walmart, the aisles were clear and the store was clean.  It was weird.  I hate that store and it was actually nice to walk in.  Usually there is trash everywhere and it is disgusting.  I go over to the bike display, and it is neat and orderly.  I know, freaky.  I asked to for help.  The woman calls someone to come and help and when he doesn't come fast enough she goes and gets him.  I feel like I am in a parallel dimension.  This very helpful salesman comes and helps us.  They have the same princess bike that they had at Toys R Us, for the price it was going to be tomorrow, but that price was good TODAY, amazing.

          Seems like Toys R Us will NOT be getting the bike sale after all, or the add on sale of the helmet.  Guess their sales are so good they can offend customers.  I won't be back for a while.

          Thinking this was the end of our crazy day, we continue on to the orthodontist... but we were wrong.  The most wild and crazy thing was yet to happen.  But more on that later!

          Thursday, April 8, 2010

          Some Days

          Ever have a day where you just need a hug?  Well, today was one of those days.  It all started out when Hannah and I had, what will probably not be the last, battle about what she was going to wear.  Since we tipped 85 ONE day this month, she has decided it is summer and she can wear her dress with no back.

          Stupidly, I put the dress back in her closet after washing it, rather than letting it marinate in the laundry.  So there it was, in her closet.  She pitched the tantrum to end all tantrums.  I told her it is going to snow today, so we can not wear this dress, but she persisted.  So, I told her to put it on and go outside.  She did, and insisted that she was warm enough.  Ok...  So, 3 houses down on the walk to school, she melts into a quivering mass of hysteria and screams about being cold.  She literally ceased walking towards school, turned around and ran home to change her clothes. 

          I took a deep breath, we went back and waited for her to put on warmer clothes.  During which time the boys freaked out about the fact that they were going to be "late."  Fortunately, we had left a bit early because the kids were agitated and I needed to have them doing something productive.

          Dropped them off... whew.  All is well right?  Yeah, but I have to pick them up.  Apparently there was some difficulty with school that I had to sort out.  It is never ending.  So after a long day of dealing with screaming, whinny kids, I needed a break.  So, we went out to eat.  This was a bad idea.  The kids could not, would not stand still while we were awaiting the delivery of our food. 

          I am cooked.  But, guess what, they are still at each other... I need a hug and a Mike's.

          Wednesday, April 7, 2010

          Almost over?

          I have got my fingers, my toes, heck even my eyes crossed hoping for a good outcome.  I don't know what the best outcome is, but I have an opinion on the one I want!  It seems like after a million phone calls, emails, prayers and papers, this thing is finally going to happen. 

          It feels like the boat is leaving the dock, train is pulling out of the station, the car is loaded and we are heading out on vacation.  The time has come, the time is now. 

          For the most part, things are out of our hands.  Not that they were ever in my hands, per say.  I hope to post balloons and confetti on the 13th, but will probably just say things are still in process.  But for now, we breathe for just a minute and wait.  Just a few more hoops to jump through.

          Thank you to everyone who has helped out.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  While this is not my story, I watch from the side lines, praying and hoping, and well, crossing things!

          More soon... I promise.  But for now, I keep all that out of the blog-o-sphere.  Just pray for my family please!

          Tuesday, April 6, 2010

          Thoughts for Tuesday, published on Monday

          • Me, an internet stalker researcher?  I owe it all to a good friend.
          • Just keep hopin', just keep hopin'
          • You said you wouldn't but you did.  I might cry.  I might have to hug you.  I can't thank you enough.
          • Ridin' along in public transportation... 
          • I don't need law school, but my 9 year old... that is an entirely different story.
          • I didn't like it.  So, I decided to not do it.  I am doing something different, and I like it.  If you don't tough.
          • NO you can not use my potty.  NO!  And I am going to scream about it.
          • All three kids in my bed.  Great, just great.
          • If there are no snow days, there are definitely not thunder days.
          • No, it isn't snow in the yard, it is hail.  No there are not hail days either.
          • Knitting makes everything better.

          Monday, April 5, 2010

          Spring Break

          Back to school.  Having Spring Break over Passover takes some of the joy out of both events.  The kids want to go out and have pizza with their friends, and well, they aren't supposed to.  Everyone looks forward to matzoh pizza, but if you are sneaking real pizza, the matzoh pizza,well it looses something in the translation.

          As we sit here, facing the last night of Passover, I have to admit, we weren't good.  I can not imagine being an actual Israelite and having to flee.  My kids couldn't hack it.  Ok, I admit it, I couldn't hack it either.  We can not even give up the good life for one week to eat unleavened items.  It is not like we are not eating.  There is still plenty.  But as soon as you eliminate one item from your diet, it sure is the only thing you want to eat.  Guess that is why elimination diets don't work.

          I imagine our trip out of Egypt would have Sam complaining because there was nothing good to eat.  As he lives on quesadillas and pb&j exclusively, he would most likely die.  He would eat matzoh for one day and then demand that we stop at burger king for dinner.  When he realized that was not an option, as we are fleeing, he would then curl up into a ball and starve.

          Hannah, she is a bit more resilient, and since her middle brother will die of starvation early, there is a chance that she might survive, she would get his ration.  But, she does tend to scream when she does not get her food the minute she mentions that she is hungry.  As for Mac, he was probably the best at keeping kosher for passover, but even when tempted with pizza he caved.  I imagine, he is just obnoxious enough to get Moses to stop, and leaven the dang bread already.

          This week, where we did all sorts of activities that require money, and were told to avoid leavening, I learned that basically my family is pretty spoiled.  I think we are probably too weak to survive the conditions that the Israelite's did.  I like to think that if we were slaves first it would have toughened us up, but today.... nope, Moses would leave us in a quivering mass on the corner.  If we made it that far.

          Saturday, April 3, 2010

          Cancelled due to sun

          The weather has been amazing the last couple of days.  I think our weather has been better than in California.  This happens about 3 weeks a year.  I suppose it is to balance out the fact that our weather is crappier than California the other 49 weeks a year.  I don't think it is really a fair trade.  I will give 3 weeks in January in Chicago for 1 week in California.  That seems good right?

          For right now, right this minute the weather is perfect.  What do you do when the weather is perfect?  GO OUTSIDE.  But, my kids want to play Wii, in the basement, underground.  I worry that I might be raising moles or groundhogs or something. 

          I forced them out of the house.  I used the ever popular rouse, of the house is on fire, if you don't leave the basement now you will be cooked.  This seemed to make them want to leave.  It was supported by the fact that I set the fire alarms off just for additional credibility.  They hadn't risen from the basement for so long it took their eyes a while to adjust to the blinding light of the sun.

          Once outside, just to ensure that they had not become vampires, I made them stay out in the sun.  Once out, and recovered from the shock of light on their skin, we began to play a little with the round orb.  It took them a while to realize that the controller was their foot.  We were playing soccer.  Eventually, they awoke from their winter induced stupor and began to frolic in the sun.  I was reassured that they had not become vampires.

          It was lovely.  My kids took in fresh air and got muddy, but also had fun.  I am not sure who was more surprised, me or them.  It is raining now, so they are in the basement.

          Thursday, April 1, 2010


          The past few days Bob has been playing hoops with Mac and kicking the soccer ball with Sam.  While these events are not notable to most people, this is one of the first times that Bob has had a job where he was able to just chill with the kids on a weeknight. 

          Last night was gorgeous.  It was in the 70's, no bugs yet and just a lovely evening.  After dinner the kids and I went out to play a little and we were joined by their Dad.  I think it is really important for the boys to do stuff with their Dad, to just hang with him.  When he was traveling all the time, this was just not possible.  Sure they still did stuff with him when he was home, but in his current job, it really seems that he has enough time to be around for the kids in an unplanned way.

          We de-thatched the front lawn, played around the world and let the kids play with the neighbors.  It was a perfect evening.  We may not be able to afford much any more, due to the sizable pay cut Bob took to take this job, we do have him back.  Last night the scrimping and corner cutting seemed worth it.