Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another story from Monday

Seems that the Universe is sort of sleazy, because it really got around Monday.  A story from my friend J.  J is a very calm person.  She does yoga.  She is not usually flustered by anything.  Very controlled lady.

J:  I heard your doing bad day stories for your blog.

S:  Yeah

J:  Well, Monday wasn't so good for me either.

Thinking to myself, this is great blog material.  Must tell more people about the plan.

S:  Yes, what happened?

J:  Picked up M at school, he hit the teacher.  But that really isn't the worst thing, the Comcast receiver had died, so I took it to Comcast.  We waited in line for like a 20 minutes.

Hmm, not so funny yet.

S:  So M hit the teacher and the wait was bad at Comcast, that is all you got?

J:  There is more, after we waited in line, I get to talk to the guy and he says, oh, we don't have that model in stock.  I ask him when it is coming.  He says he doesn't want to tell me because I might come in and they might all be gone by then.

S:  Mass hysteria at the Comcast store, the receivers are in... run now, camp out.  It is like getting a WII.

J:  Yeah, sort of.  Anyway, I ask him if I could call and find out.  He say no.  I ask if he can keep the broken box.  He says not unless I want him to take it off my bill.  If I do that then I have to buy another box.  I say to him, let me review here, you don't have the box I need, you won't tell me when it will come in, you won't take the broken box, so you expect me to come in here every day, with my kids and the box, on the off chance you will have a replacement?  The clerk says me yes, you got it.

S:   That is the customer service you expect from Comcast, isn't it?

J:  Lovely, isn't it.  So, I am all clinched up and frustrated and I storm out.  I get to the stop sign for the pedestrians at Jewel (local grocery) and I stop.  There is this old lady and she is just standing there, not going.  So finally, after like 5 minutes, I decide to go, and so does this other person in the other lane.  So I stop.  The driver is an old man with his old wife.  She couldn't have been younger than 90.  She leans out of the car and calls me a bitch.  I got cussed out by an old lady.  I flipped her bird. 

S:  So lets review here, M hit his teacher, the people at Comcast were a waste, and you got cussed out by an old lady.

J:  Then we had lunch.

S:  Sounds like universe was here.

If you have a story to share, give me a call, send me an email!  We will over come universe.

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  1. Sorry for the poor experience. I will reach out to my regional contacts to find out when they can have the box for you and get it reserved. What type of box were you trying to get. Pease send me an email including the phone number on the account so that I c an assist.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations