Friday, October 2, 2009

Mac's Teacher

I think I am in love with Mac's teacher.  Seriously.  I wasn't so sure about him in the beginning.  I thought, he might not be the best fit for Mac.  So wrong.  Completely, 100% wrong, heck I was 500% wrong.  I was the picture of wrong.  Look up wrong in the dictionary, you saw a picture of me.  I might knit something for this man.

Mac came home yesterday and told me that one of the kids told him the project he was doing was crappy.  Now, this would not usually be something I would even care about, let alone tell the teacher about.  This year, I decided, I would be super-hyper involved.  I was already teetering on strong like for this teacher, and though I would have a go at it.  Sent him an email.  Well, his response says it all.

Thanks.  I am passionate about these sort of issues.  I am sort of a
perfectionist in building a positive environment for everyone. I hate
the thought of someone being mistreated or having negative thoughts
about coming to school and wondering what someone is going to say to
them.  I take that personally when someone interferes with what I am
trying to do in that area for my students.

There is more about how he talked to the kids involved, and how they won't be doing it again.  He had me at positive environment.   I love this guy.  He brought me to tears.  No one in the last 5 years of Mac being in school has ever, ever stood up for him.  They have always blamed him and punished him.  Mac's first advocate.  Seriously, I am in love.  Watch out Mr. Teacher, I am planting a big on right on ya!  THANK YOU.

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