Thursday, October 29, 2009

Its the end of the world

The world ended, a year ago.  We are celebrating the one year anniversary of the world ending.  It really wasn't this day exactly a year ago, but more like approximately now a year ago.  So, here we are, approximately, one year after the world ended.  Wait a minute, if I am still here, the world really didn't end.  It just seemed like it was going to, but it didn't.

Who remembers the news stories from a year ago?  I shall shoot my hand up in the air and yell, pick me, pick me.  They were all doom and gloom.  Our retirement funds were worthless, our houses were albatrosses around our financial necks, everyone was going to loose their jobs,  and we were all going to end up in line at a soup kitchen.  I kept wondering, if that is really going to happen, what are we going to do with all our stuff?

Think about it, you get booted from you house, what are you going to do with the Wii?  Where are you going to plug in your cell phone?  Where will I put the new flat screen TV we bought last year, because the world hadn't ended?  The past 10 years or so have been marked by getting stuff.  Now that we are homeless, will there be a big pile of stuff somewhere?

I knew everyone wouldn't end up on the streets, because face it, there isn't enough room on the streets for all our stuff.  We need the houses we live in to house the stuff.  That said, there has been some real suffering out there, and our attitudes about things have experienced a huge shift.  For some of that I am grateful.  My family is no longer considered to be freaky frugals, but frugalistas.  The fact that we saved, used coupons, shopped sales and what not used to make us look like losers, now people ask me for advice.

While things have changed, the world didn't end.

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