Thursday, October 8, 2009


Flannel.  I love the sheets, so very much.  I continue to use them long into the spring, after the temperatures have turned quite warm.  There are people that say that they use their flannel sheets all summer, but I just like the crispness of the percale sheets when it is hot out, so the flannel leaves for the summer. 

After hibernating in my linen closet for the summer, eventually the temperatures turn colder and I have to break them out again.  Without an exception, I find a sock in the fitted sheet that hid in the closet all summer.  I never seem to be able to avoid that.  It is a big day when the flannel sheets come back out.  It will be discussed at length before it happens.  Should we or shouldn't we?  You never want to rush this, as it is uncomfortably warm with them on, should we have a warm period.

Usually, this discussion happens about now.  Usually, it is just starting to turn chilly.  Usually, we go back and forth for a couple of weeks thinking there might be one more warm spell.  Not this year.  It was with a heavy heart, I bid goodbye to summer and hello to winter and put the flannel sheets on the bed.  Sure they are heaven to snuggle into, but the fact that it is already cold enough to want to snuggle is concerning to me.  I want a couple more days of warmth before the arctic invasion.

We are already trending a good 10 degrees below normal.  My furnace is already a regular employee in the household.  I am not ready.  I do not want to bust out the winter wear, to be cold again.  I don't want it to be dreary and barren.

But, at least I will have my warm snuggy sheets to keep me comfortable during the winter...

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