Saturday, February 27, 2010

Project Plan

I have a new plan... I am going to set some monthly goals for my various long term knitting projects.  I will report on the last Sunday of every month how I am doing on those goals.  I feel like if I put them in writing some place, maybe I will keep them!! 

1.  Knit 1 hank of yarn on my February Lady Sweater

2.  Knit 15 squares on my sock yarn blanket

For March, I want to accomplish the following:

1.  Finish my Cookie A socks

2.  Finish my December sock club socks

3.  Make a sheep for Hannah's teacher

4.  Start my pin-wheel scarf

That sounds like a busy month.  I hope I can keep to it!

In other unrelated news, there is talk of eliminating Mac's advanced reading program.  We are devastated by this, and I am sure I will find myself embroiled in a very heated battle to try and change this.  So, if I get behind on blog posts, know I am off fighting the man.  Any ideas about winning, please let me know.  I think I am writing a press release to send to the papers.


I have been knitting away... I made a log cabin blanket as a baby present for a friend of mine.  It is a beautiful blanket, but it was not a short trip to complete.  I started in October, full of enthusiasm.  But you see, as the blanket grows, it is no longer as quick to complete.  By the end, doing one color bar was a project of epic proportions.  I was so happy to finish this, I can not ever tell you.



I also made a hippo to go along with the blanket.  It is so wicked cute, that you almost forget how complex the pattern is.  It isn't really hard, but very specific and every row is different.  It really requires a lot of attention to detail.  Everyone who see it wants one.  I will probably make another.



Anyway, at least the hippo has time to read a book!

Friday, February 26, 2010

I read a book

I read a book.

That statement shouldn't be such a novel thing that it stands alone.  (Pun intended by the way.)  Except in the past two years I have spent so much time, moving and re-establishing myself that I haven't had time to read.  Ok, I have also been knitting quite a lot.

Before all of this happened, I read about 2 books a month.  Sometimes even more, when I would stay up late because I got into a book.  Now, I only read at my mom's house.  Which means, two books a year.  It is sad, because I enjoy reading, but with Bob home, I find that it is impossible to read in bed. It is also really hard for me to read during the day because the kids are around and someone needs something.  Short of reading knitting patterns, my ability to read is limited to magazines.

Anyway, I just finished a book I got from a friend in mid-January.  In the spirit of full disclosure, the book I read was not Tolstoy.  It was by the Yarn Harlot.. yeah, so it was a knitting book.  I laugh because I seem to find time to read a knitting book and yet, can not find time to read say an actual book.  I laughed, I cried, I was inspired, it was a great book.  I really enjoyed it.  Oh, and I also read the Mason/Dixon knitting book too... that stupid book inspired me to make a log cabin blanket.  But, more on that nightmare tomorrow.

Until Bob starts to travel more, I don't really see this changing.  Tomorrow I will show you pictures of what I have been up to when I haven't been reading.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The solution

The solution to my current problem is NOT UV lights as I once suspected, but...


This is found in Red Fork, NY.

What I can't say....

We can not always get what we want.  As the song goes, sometimes we get what we need.  It is hard to be a parent.  It is hard to manage your emotions and respond to your child when you see someone treating them unfairly, at least in their eyes.  It is especially hard in Chicago, where SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is high.  As we have not seen the sun in ages.

I am tired of battling for Mac.  I am tired of trying to get him to see if from the other persons perspective.  I wish just once, someone could see things from his perspective.  Just once someone could try and understand how much it would mean to him, to me.  They could see how much it hurts him.  Of course, when it hurts him, it hurts me.

I am tired of always being on the look out for the thing that will make him explode.  I tend to put myself into situations that do not involved me, when it comes to Mac.  As a result, I will tell you, I tend to get upset and then we don't have dinner.  If someone screws with dinner, Bob is mad and then the whole house is in chaos.

This week has not been a strong week.  We made it to the orthodontist appointment.  It didn't go well.  I had to deal with a crisis with Mac.  So, going into today, I was already tired.  I had already used up my reserves of energy and then another crisis.  If we have another one tomorrow, I am not sure I can handle it.

So, until we can actually see the sun and go outside, I just hope that someone will recognize the good things about my kid.  Just once I would love to get an email about something he has done that is good and not bad.  Just once I would like someone to stop him and hand out an atta boy.  I suspect his teacher might, but I am greedy here, maybe someone else could too.

Once the sun comes out, we will all feel better.. this makes me wonder if you can purchase UV flood lights.  So, thanks for reading, I am off to look into UV flood lights.  If you think of something nice to say about my kid, there is a comment section, have at it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

People you see

I was in line at the grocery store today, and I saw someone I thought I knew.  I wasn't sure who she was until I walked out of the store.  She was a mom I met once or twice at MOMS Club event.  She clearly didn't recognized me, or choose to ignore me.  I was purchasing steaks and she was purchasing organic rabbit food, and she made a sort of nasty comment about it, so I am assuming she didn't recognize me.

The thing is, that in spite of the fact that I have seen other members of the club at other events, this one seemed to get to me.  When they were openly ignoring me and being sort of nasty, for some reason that didn't bother me.  I was able to rise above it.  But, seeing this one person, reminded me of how important this club was to me in the past. 

In all honesty, I do not miss the club.  There are very few things that are even scheduled at a time when I could go.  Hannah is too old for most of the stuff any way and in all reality, I have out-grown them.  I think seeing this one mom, took me back to a time when I loved and enjoyed what I was doing.  It was a nice place to visit.

That said, I am busy enough, have enough on my plate and have relationships with people that share common values with me.  I under-estimated how difficult it would be to find like minded people here in the middle of the country.  But, now that things have settled down with our lives, it seems like things are starting to look up in this area of our lives too.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Can't tell then can't remember

Sometimes things happen that beg and plead to be a blog post, but the problem is that I try very hard to only tell my story, and not the story of anyone else.  Lately, life for me has been pretty boring.  Even my kids are not doing anything funny.

Sure, today we have to go to the orthodontist.  Yes, I went last Monday, because when I wrote down the appointment I saw that it was on Washington's birthday.  For some reason, that became Presidents' Day in my head and we showed up at the orthodontist at 4:00 last Monday, only to find the office closed.  When I returned home, I realized that the mistake was indeed mine.

Yes, I had a long, passionate conversation with the librarian about the book I was CERTAIN I had returned.  Only to ask Mac about it and to have him come trotting downstairs 5 minutes later with the book in his hand.  The up-shot is that the book I was insisting I returned was not actually the book that they were looking for, so at least I haven't totally lost my mind.

It would be accurate to assert that when a friend of mine told me she was planning to come to my party tonight, I responded, oh, I am so sorry, we will miss seeing you.  Her response was confusion, your going to miss me, but I am coming?  Upon re-reading her statement, I saw, she did indeed say she was coming, and I read it at a regret.  I need to learn to read.

You are totally correct that when asked when Sam's birthday was, I answered in all honesty with Hannah's birthday.  Only to have the lady at the Park District say to me, umm, your daughter's birthday is that day too, are you sure about the date?  I did get the year correct, because I do know how old he is, at least today.

Yes, it is true, that I am completely unable to get out of my own way.  It is somewhat amazing I don't get lost when I return home from taking the kids to school.  It would seem I do enough things that are interesting all on my own, but sometimes things happen that I feel the need to espouse some poignant opinion on.  Sadly, this story, is not mine to tell, and if I did even talk about the subject matter in a philosophical way, I would be betraying the trust of the friend who has shared his/her story with me.  So, today, you will just have to know, that there could have been a good post, but in the spirit of keeping a secret, I am not sharing.  Sadly, once I can share, I will probably have forgotten about what I wanted to say.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have been busy lately.  I am doing yet another knitting competition.  Yeah, I know I do a lot of them.  Anyway, this one is tied to the Olympics.  I don't really care about getting a medal, I just want to finish.

I am making a log cabin blanket.  I started this blanket in October, worked on it for about 2 weeks, loving how the colors came together.  Then, I got tired of it.  I put it in the bag and let it rest.  I would pull it out periodically, as there is a deadline for finishing, it is a baby present.  But, basically, this project was hibernating, because it was beginning to become a much bigger project than I originally imagined. 

When the Ravelympics came along, I thought perfect, this will motivate me to finish this massive undertaking I have started.  So, I have knit furiously day and night on this thing.  I have finished all the colored pieces, and am not about to start the border.  I felt that some sort of celebration was due, since I finished some part of this project.  So, YEAH ME!!  I need cheer-paca to come on by and join me. 

On Monday, when I was slightly ahead of schedule, I felt that I could also bust out a stuffed animal for this friend.  So I signed up for that too... What was I crazy?  I still have the boarder to finish and now a hippo?  I am starting to wonder what they do to team members who sign up for more stuff than they can ever finish in a timely manner?  Is there a flogging or a time out, do they take your needles away?

I forgot, when I committed to do more, that I had a Party on Thursday and an outing on Friday.  That basically I was losing two days due to social commitments, that going into Saturday I would be behind.  So, I am not a full two days behind, I wonder if this will be possible.  But, at least I am done with the color part of this... all that is left, is one simple border.  I can do it, yes I can.  Ok, Cheer-paca, take over:

Kay-en- eye-tee what's that spell, knit!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Confessions of a bad mom

A friend of mine wrote a blog post about being a good parent.  Hey I fessed up to stealing ideas from others, I just like to call it inspiration.  My spin on this is a bit different than hers, you see, I know I am not a good parent.  I break all the rules.  I yell at the kids, I am inconsistent, I let them watch to much tv, play too many video games, and eat junk food.

I have a friend who is very strict with her kids.  She even has an allowed snack list posted on the fridge.  Those kids toe the line, because their are consequences and they are enforced.  When I told her that I needed to talk to Mac about attending an event that she had organized, her response to me was, "aren't you the parent, don't you get to choose?"  Well, yes, I am the parent, but I also know that if I don't involve him in the decision, especially when the plan has changed generally does not go well.  It is about respect.  It is a social event that invovles him, it is really not my choice for Mac to go or not to go, it is Mac's.  Wait a minute that sounds like good parenting, or at least good justification.

I got flame roasted in an open forum when I admitted I let my kids decide about wearing coats.  I offer a coat, hat, mittens, etc, but if they choose not to put them on, then they suffer the consequences.  Again, this whole argument about me being the parent and me getting to make the decision gets trotted out.  But, for me it is about creating children that turn into independent adults.  So, I respect them enough to make a choice about their outerwear.  If they make a bad choice they will be cold, they won't die.  If it is that cold, one step outside and they are back looking for their coats.

My kids have a lot of freedom, because I am lazy.  Or at least that is the feedback I get.  But, in reality it is because my philosophy about parenting is different than the general populace.  I am not their friend, but discipline means creating a disciple.  I prefer to coach the kids and then letting them suffer the natural consequences of their decisions.  Sure, I step in when things get out of control, but I let them forget their homework, decide not to wear their coats, and make decisions about what friends they are going to spend time with.  

What annoys me is when someone in the grocery store judges my parenting and then offers me advice.  That person does not know the kids involved, the back story or even what is happening.  It seems if I take the kids to the grocery store, they are tired and crabby and have about 85 billion tantrums.  This frustrates me, and my reaction is to ignore them, and then they finally wear me down and I snap at them.  Yeah, it isn't a proud moment in parenting, but you know, it is also understandable.  So, unless you have never snapped at whiny kids the grocery store, don't judge me for doing it.  Oh, and I do yell too much... I am working on that, because it hurts my throat when I do it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Parental Power of Knitting

A lot of my posts are inspired by someone else.  Today is no different.  I was reading UnCool Mom, and she was talking about the power of reading.  Not how reading as the parent creates the positive environment for you to create little readers, but how it shifts the power in her relationship with her kids.  I thought, oh, yeah, that is what knitting does for me.

The power of parental knitting for me is that when I have to go and wait for the kids at some school function or a doctors appointment it is like bliss.  I don't pace around looking at my watch wondering when they will be done, I just sit and work on my little project, happy as a clam.

The pediatrician decided that Hannah had a speech delay.  She does not have a speech delay, but rather a fear of doctors.  She will not speak to doctors, and when she does, she uses a high pitched play voice.  It is her, I don't really want to talk to you, so I won't I will have Flaffy, my friend, do the talking, voice.  Because of this I had to have her speech evaluated.

A speech evaluation, if done through the school district for FREE, requires me to attend a screening.  I have to sit in a conference room for 90 minutes with 5 other moms.  Sure there was some chatting, but not as much as you might expect.  They were all sitting there, looking around and I busted out my knitting.  I was super happy to have this newly found time to get some work done on my sock.  It was the best.  Of course then we had to have a speech evaluation.  I drop Hannah off, get all comfy in the waiting area and start working.  I am barely through one pattern repeat and Hannah comes bounding in--done.  She passed with flying colors.  No speech therapy for her.

While I wasn't totally excited about driving her across town for speech therapy, (across town is like 15 minutes so, cry me a river), I was looking forward to the hour where I had to sit and wait.  I was pretty sure it would work out pretty well.  I had visions of sitting in a comfy chair, or a hard backed wooden one, knitting away with no one to bug me.

I look forward to gymnastics, where I have to wait for an hour, because it is an hour where no one bugs me and I can work on my projects.  It is great.  I am never adverse to taking the kids someplace where I have to wait.  Waiting is fine with me.  UnCool Mom talks about how her kids make her wait to punish her.  I don't think my kids will try that, they know I like to wait.  I get all excited about waiting.  Love a good wait, do I!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The week in review

  • It's a man, it's a woman, it's... it's k d lang
  • How long until the hat is available?  
  • December 2009
  • It's like crack, they keep coming back for more
  • Washington's Birthday is NOT the same day as President's Day.  Wish I knew that before I drove to Glen Ellyn.
  • That is my bag, didn't your mother teach you not to dig in a woman's purse?
  • If you pull that sweater off the needles, it is called justifiable homicide
  • Only 1 and I am done
  • Seriously, customer service is talking to the customer like they are a scofflaw?
  • When you are the only game in town, I guess you don't have to worry about customer service.
  • I am blocked and can't think of anything to say.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A day late...

I am a bit behind, Sunday's are always crazy for me, and I forgot to schedule this post.  So, I respectfully submit yesterday's post as today's and hope for no points off.

Valentine's Day.  I have a lot of feelings about this day.  It is a bittersweet day for me and my beloved.

There is the whole commercialism/make-single-people-feel-bad-about-being-single aspect of the holiday made up by a greeting card company.  It seems like this one day is very polarizing.  Some people love it and shower everyone with their effusiveness about it and others, well, not so much.  It is also unavoidable.  As soon as the Christmas decorations come down, the hearts and flowers go up.  That part of the whole event is annoying.

That said, I have very fond memories of making valentines with my mom.  I make them every year with my kids.  Mac asked, after making his valentines this year, if he could buy them next year.  But, the kids always love our home-made offerings, and he came home from school with a new decision, to make them again next year.  I made over 60 valentines with the kids this year.  We also made crayon hearts to attach to the cards.  I made 6 dozen crayon hearts.  Which means we peel an uncountable number of crayons, which sadly didn't even dent our crayon supply.

Bob has learned not to ignore Valentines Day, and he does a good job making the day special.  He does know that I think Sweetest Day is stupid and we solidly ignore that!

But, Valentine's Day is also Bob's Grandma's birthday.  While the birthdays seem easier than the yahrzeits, this is the still bittersweet part of the day.  Grandma was a snarky old lady, who deplored senior citizens.  We used to go to Blossom every summer (Blossom was the summer home of the Cleveland Orchestra) and make fun of the outfits people would wear.  It was great fun.  Grandma walked up the hill every time.  She struggled, but we never rode in the cart.  I think that is a testimonial to her determination.

We still display a picture of Grandma at my sil's wedding.  Grandma is posing with the bride and they both have roses in their mouths.  I remember forcing the photographer to take the picture, and I am very glad that I did.  It caught Grandma's essence.  It is a great picture.  She died 8 months later.

Growing up, my Grandmothers were not approachable or engaging, they were mean and scary.  So, until I met Grandma, I never realized that there were grandma's that were nice and loved by the kids  She was my Grandma too.  I wish she could have met our kids.

Valentines Day is about acknowledging at least some of the people we love, but it is also about remembering Grandma.  Sharing those stories with our kids, so they at least have some idea who she was.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Finished Objects, for this year

Today some finished objects... I have been holding out on sharing some of my goodies, because I was making some gifts.  But, they have all been distributed.  Today I will share with you all the things I have made since the 1st of the year, minus the 2 pairs of death socks.  I have already shared those with ya!

So, I made some socks...

My Holiday socks, from the kits Bob gave me.

My Birthday socks, from the kit I gave me.

First cabled socks, in a yarn I love... I love the color and I love how it feels!

Then some gifts:

A hat for L's b-day.  I hope the pink was the right color to match her coat.  I had just pink and black work with, so I took a flyer with it!

A hat for A's b-day.  Hannah loves this hat, so I think another young girl will like it too! 

I also included an up-close shot of the flower I made.  I had some buttons around, and this one seemed to be perfect to provide some 3-year old bling!

Pig. I made this for A as well, but in the time from being completed to getting shipped out, Pig met a celebrity (Dizzy) and hung out with him, including posing for some pictures.  We were all sad when Pig climbed into his mailing envelope and headed out.  We hope A loves Pig, if she doesn't we would be happy to provide a home for wayward Pigs.  Of course I have enough yarn to make another Pig, so we may end up with Pig II here.  We are all waiting to see what A's reaction to Pig is, we hope that he was received, because poor Pig does not want to remain stuck in a mailing envelope for ever, even if Dizzy gave him some pointers!

Finally a work in progress, a blanket I am making for a friend who is pregnant.  I hope she loves it.

Thanks for lookin'!  I have been busy since the beginning of the year!

Friday, February 12, 2010


In the snow I see foot prints of the people that walk by our house.  I see some of the same foot prints over and over again.  I see the foot prints of a woman who wears little wire traction thingys on her shoes when she walks her dog.  A small dog.  I see foot prints of the kids walking to school.  I see my foot prints.  I see the foot prints of a rabbit that runs across the lawn.  I know the post man has come because I see tire marks on the street.  Eventually, the whole of the walkway will be covered with footprints, you won't be able to make one from the other.

But, when I look out my window, I see no one and nothing.  There are signs of life, in the foot prints, but never do I see the people.  The dog sees the people, because she barks at them.  But it is cold and I am inside, while I might want to see the people, I don't because I don't want to deal with the cold.

When we lived in Connecticut, we lived out the country.  The only signs of life were from animals, and then that was limited.  In the winter, the snow would be untouched and lifeless for days.  Everyone was hunkered down and away from the cold.  Here, the streets are teaming with life.  Is it because there are more of us in a densely populated area or is it because people here scoff at the cold?  Is it because we have better coats or thicker blood?

All I know, is that there are lots of people out walking everyday, in the cold.  Most days, I am one of them.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


This past weekend there was an explosion in a new energy plant in Middletown, CT.  The workers were purging the gas line and the gas line exploded, killing 5 people and injuring many others.  I have many good friends in CT.  One of my closest friend's husband works in an energy plant in Middletown, CT.  Needless to say, when Bob told me about this newspaper article, I became very concerned.

Once I read the article I learned that it was the NEW energy plant, the one that my friend's husband (FH) applied for a job at, but was turned down.  The plant that was going to cause his plant to close and essentially put him out of a job.  Granted this was some years down the road, but that was the plan.  When FH didn't get the job, he was disappointed about it.  He was a little frustrated, but he said to me, "it was G-d's will, it just isn't part of the plan for me." 

Usually G-d's will is not as clear so soon.  Had he gotten that job, he might have been killed or injured or at the minimum unemployed.  This accident, while devastating for many, has the silver lining for him of potentially extending his contract.  In the end, not getting that job worked out to FH's benefit.  Yet, at the time, it felt like a raw deal.

Sometimes, things work out for the best even though at the time they seem like they are unfair.  Usually it isn't so clear so soon as with my friend, but usually, it ends up ok. 

I have been thinking about Bob's new job.  While he is making much less money that we would like, he is home most days and is almost always home in the evening.  He will be able to coach Sammy's soccer team.  This is a vast improvement in his quality of life over the job he used to have where he traveled 3-4 days a week, every week.  We never would have moved here for this job, and if we weren't here he would not be in the situation he is in right now.  Perhaps we got what we wanted, but the road to get there was just a bit bumpy.

It is hard to distance yourself from the unpleasant events that happen in your daily life, but you can not see the destination before you get there.  Perspective is only hindsight, never foresight. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I feel the earth move under my feet, the sky comes falling down.  In a life imitating art moment, not only did the earth move, but the snow was falling.  Cats and dogs sleeping together, there was an earthquake in the midwest?

This California girl felt right at home, but I must admit, when I heard the boom I did not make it to the door frame.  I am getting rusty and it was 4:00 am.  Centered about 30 miles from our house, we were pretty close to the action.  There was no damage or reports of injury, and the quake measured 4.3.  So, not a big one by any stretch, just really unexpected.  Earthquakes are about as common here as snow days, which is to say, they never happen.

I have been thinking about earthquakes a lot lately.  All fault lines in the world are connected some how, and there as been a large amout of seismic activity lately.  In recent memory there is the quake in Haiti, 2 in Humbolt county, 1 in Japan, all in the 6 point range.  I am sure that there is more, but what I am aware of is 4 pretty large quakes in the past 45 days or so.  Makes you wonder if there is more on the way, and then, a quake in the midwest on a fault line that hasn't moved since 2004.

Bob likes to point out that we live on one of the largest fault lines in the world.  That is comforting, perhaps the giant is awaking?  Does this mean that all the quakes around us might trigger a big one here?  I am here to tell you a big quake here would not go down well, our buildings are not built to survive a quake of any magnitude.  Folks build houses to withstand cold here, not earthquakes, and that is a whole different method of construction. 

At least now my fear of the el will be more reasonable.  I don't want to be under the tracks when the big one hits and it all comes crashing down on my head.  Till then, we are a rockin' and a rollin' here in sunny Chicago.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Are you a Knitter?

I have been reading the Yarn Harlot's first book.  A friend lent it to me, and in all honesty, it was written before I was a Knitter, with a capital K.  A couple of things in this book have driven home to me that I am truly a Knitter and not just someone who knits.  The first is that I am reading and enjoying, even laughing at a book about knitting.

I felt the fear and trembling when Stephanie washed a sweater she had been working on and it grew 30% bigger from the water.  It scared me so much that I am actually going to swatch the sweater I am making AND block it.  I already know my gauge is accurate on the unwashed stitches, but does this yarn grow?  I don't know and I am scared.  Some research will be done on this topic.

But, what really struck home to me was when I read the chapter about Lene.  If you haven't read the book, and plan to and are not interested in having me blow this section for you, do not read this.  Consider yourself warned.  Anyway, Stephanie talks about going to her friend Lene's house and there is a huge pile of yarn on the floor and she and Ken are going to divide it up.  The thought of getting half of someone's stash, generally makes me goose pimply with glee.  But, when I read on, Stephanie reveals that she is getting the stash because her friend Lene can not knit any longer due to arthritis.

How horrible to go to a party where you get to divide up someone's yarn because they can not knit.  Just the thought of that makes me a little woozy.  It was a funeral for Lene's passion, a wake for her yarn.  She was giving her stash away to people she loved because she knew she would never knit again.  I cried when I read this.  It still brings tears to my eyes.  It is was at this very moment that I realized, I don't just make stuff out of yarn, I don't just knit, I am a Knitter.  Knitting is part of my passion, my soul and my being.  Each object I make, every stitch is a little bit of myself, it is love.

How do you know if you are a Knitter, well, just the thought of not being able to knit any longer and getting rid of your stash because you can not knit any more, would well bring you to tears.  Just as the thought of it happening to one of your fellow Knitters makes you a bit weepy.

Monday, February 8, 2010


After I watched the SuperBowl, and I stayed tuned and watched that new show Undercover CEO.  Having spent a fair share of time in the corporate world, I thought it would be interesting.  First off, I was surprised that none of these people realized that this new guy Gary was the CEO.  I have worked for some big companies, Stanley Works is a 4 billion dollar company.  It has plants all over the world, and if the CEO of the company walked in the office, I sure as hell would have known who he was.  I can't imagine that the plant folks that worked in my plants would not have known who he was either.

Also, I thought it really curious that the female truck driver had all her buddies come out and give her gifts and sing her praises on that one day.  Interesting how that was all a coordinated effort.  I don't know it seemed a bit scripted to me. 

It was also interesting that all the people he worked with had some sort of personal issue and that the CEO was surprised by that.  He opened the show by talking about his personal issues.  We all have personal issues.  Some of us are going to loose our houses.  What percentage of the country is in foreclosure?  It would stand to reason that at least an equivalent percentage of those folks, if not higher work for Waste Management. 

I agree that the secretary did a bang up job, but that he should be surprised by that is amazing to me.  I bet there are dozens of other folks in that company that do a bang up job.  Why was she chosen to be in the spot light?  Just goes to show you that luck and location play a big role in the direction of your life and your career. 

I could go on, I am still curious enough to watch next week when the CEO from Hooters goes down.  I probably will have some observations after that.  Till then, you work for a big corporation, might behoove you to know what your CEO looks like.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Darth Dizzy guest post

If you get the dizzy sheep do not under any circumstances take him out of his carrier.We received shocking photos of dizzy turning to the dark side.


 Hey how did that last one get in there?

Well keep dizzy in or he may unleash the force lighting/choke


Dont turn!


Dead, completely totally dead

CHICAGO, IL --  In what appears to have been some sort of gang related death, the outline of a notorious knitter was found on her driveway.  Police reports indicate that it appears said knitter was walking back from the mail box when it happened.

This killing was similar in style to a rash of killings happening around the country.  It seems that the assailant kills the target and leaves behind hand knitted socks.  It is the calling card of the SockWars assassin.    
Police departments around the country and investigating.  It is believed that the kills are being conducted by more than one person, but that these killers are acting in a coordinated manner.  
Most of the killers leave some sort of treat behind for the families of the victims.  This killer was not different, leaving behind chocolates for the bereaved spouse and gummy bears for the orphans.  

The children mourn the loss of their mother, their sadness was quickly mitigated by the candy.  They were allowed to partake after police toxicology reports indicated that the only harmful chemical was high fructose corn syrup.
In a strange twist of events, the body of the knitter has not been recovered.  All that was left behind was the chalk outline and a pair of lovely socks.  Responding police officers were amazed by the quality of the stitch work, overwhelmed by the beauty of the yarn and many were left gasping when they saw that the socks were exactly the right size for the victim.

Police continue to investigate, FBI has been called, if you have any information on this killing, please call your local police office.  At this time police are actively looking for the victims body.

Friday, February 5, 2010


So, it was my turn to host the neighborhood party.  I sent out the evites, and got people to agree to come.  Then, the realization that my house looks like a Haitian wrinkle in time sets in.  Seriously there are folks who have been through an earthquake have cleaner houses than mine.

I set about the task of getting this place in order.  But you know, there was the whole Sock Wars distraction AND Dizzy coming, there was a lot to get in order.  This is made worse by the fact that a great majority of the people coming to this little party have never seen the inside of my house.  Or at least haven't seen it since I have lived in it.

My house was for sale FOR EVER.  Apparently longer than even I knew, because one of the people at the party told me she always wondered about this house, because it was so expensive, too expensive for them when they bought FOUR years ago.  Of course we paid too much for it, but still less than this woman in question paid for hers.

Anyway, because my house was for sale for so long, there is a lot of curiosity about it in the neighborhood.  A couple of people were coming to the party because they wanted to see my house.  Groovy... that means my house needs to be for sale showing clean.  Not just regular clean.  Not knit group party clean, but real estate agent clean.

I of course have not done anything to said house in so long that the dust bunnies are holding elections for the third time.  The new liaison between dust bunnies and home owners is being selected.  There is always a lot of angst about the vacuum. Fortunately, the incumbent had done a good job keeping that at bay, so most like she will be re-elected.  Sadly, this party means the end to the current colony of dust bunnies.

Bob decided to be helpful.  He cleaned the house for me on Sunday.  This was a great help, because it removed the first layer of grim and mess.  He thought is was clean enough for the party, silly man.  So, I spent all day Monday and Tuesday cleaning.  By the time party came, I was so pooped, I was wondering if I would enjoy it.

Everyone was a bit late, but that was ok, it gave me a chance to rest.  But, they also stayed a bit late.  I cleaned up all the food, washed the dishes, and was toying with the idea of putting my jammies on to get them to leave.  Finally at 12:00, everyone left.  Whew, it was a fun time, but was a long evening!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random thoughts

  • Somethings I don't get and I find them disturbing
  • If you are going to send someone something creepy, let 'em know before it arrives
  • The upside, the package also contained money for a coat.
  •  Southern thing?  Maybe
  • This picture of the kid is the most disturbing of the lot... hmm, I am used to seeing those pictures, so I guess it wasn't shocking.
  • The day the creepy pictures came, I died
  • Fold, Folded, Folding
  • Pop
  • Cleaning up, putting the dishes away, changing into jammies, your still here?
    • Soccer, BOB, RE, oh my
    • Driving along in my automobile
    • Wish I could knit and drive

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    How do you know if you are a good parent?

    I was going to write a post on this party I just had at my house.  I was going to tell you all about it, but that will have to wait.  Something different came up.

    What makes a good parent?  How will you know if you are going to be a good parent? 

    I realize it is a bit far down the path for ME to be asking these questions.  The three kids hanging out in this house are being parented.  How well they are being parented, that is anyone's guess.  But, this question came up, how do you know if you are going to be a good parent?

    Before I had kids, I never really considered if I would be a good parent or not.  I am well educated, we have some money, I was married, I just assumed everything would be alright.  I remember before Mac was born, going into Babies R Us to buy him some clothes.  There was so much to choose from, I had no idea about what to buy, and I would walk out with nothing.  Do not even get me started on the heart palpitations I had in selecting a stroller and a car seat.  All the while, never once did it cross my mind that I wouldn't be a good parent.  Let's see here, I can't even figure out what car seat to buy the kid, how is it that it never occurred to me that I wouldn't be a good parent?

    I think that I just assumed I would be a good mother, because I loved Mac with all my being and soul.  How could that be wrong?  I look back at all the mistakes I made with him.  I think about all the mistakes I will make with him tomorrow.  But, at the end of the day, I love him with all my heart and soul and he knows that. 

    No matter how much he messes up or how angry he makes me, I will always love him.  That is what makes me, for all my flaws, and let me tell you there are flaws, a good mother.

    There are days when I know I am doing a good job, coaching him to be an independent individual.  There are others, when I wonder why I even try.  Parenting is like that.  We have good days and bad days.  We make mistakes, but as long as you love that child with you entire being, it will be alright. 

    That is my two cents on the topic.  Your thoughts?

    What happened when Dizzy came..

    We had some questions:

    1)  Why didn't Alpaca sign Dizzy's traveling book?  Are they in a fight?  Did Alpaca not attend the going away party?  Dizzy has been remarkably stoic on the topic. 

    2)  Flat Fred, Flat Fred, Flat Fred... the fans have spoken and we want Fred too...

    3)  Does Dizzy have liability insurance because there was a small incident at the library and well, there might be some financial remuneration required.

    Now, on to what Dizzy did while he was here...

    Right after Dizzy arrived, he went to the Battle of the Books at the library, where there was the aforementioned incident.  We won't talk about that, because they are still sorting out the whole thing.  When he arrived back at our house, all was well, he had a clover milkshake and some burgers.  He was a bit upset that the large man in the house kept suggesting lamb chops.  There was also the 4 year old who kept hugging him.  But, after a while he settled in, watched some My Little Pony and went to bed in his custom designed bed, designed by the 9 year old.  I think he slept well, because he was still sleeping when it was time to go to Preschool.  We woke him up.

    Preschool was a good time.  Dizzy enjoyed the snacks, learning his letters and meeting the kids.  The teachers appeared a bit frazzled at pick up but no one was talking about the situation.  The Director told the 4 year old to never bring a sheep to school again.  According to the 4 year old, Dizzy was a good sheep.  The other kids enjoyed meeting him.

    After Preschool, Dizzy needed a little down time.  He took a nap in his custom bed, read a little Flat Stanley and made new friends.  Pig, Ram and Dizzy all got into the crayons, and did a bit of redecorating.  The large man is now going to repaint.  It is tiring to chase a sheep all day.

    I took Dizzy to knit group.  He behaved well, posed for a few pictures with the cats, signed a few autographs, ate some nibbles, and sheeped it up.  Dizzy had a great time, and everyone loved seeing him!!

    Finally, Dizzy, enjoyed hanging out at our house on Friday.  Well, mostly, until the 4 year old was read the blog post about Dizzy's luggage and set about making Dizzy some clothes... Dizzy seemed a bit reluctant to have his picture taken.  After wearing a pink tutu for some time, Dizzy took advantage of an on-going light saber duel to "man" it up a bit.  That sheep can really wield a light saber.

    We could not take him to our dinner engagement that night, so we left him at home with a bunch of snacks, the remote and directions on how to play with the Wii.  When we got home, Dizzy had rearranged my yarn stash.  It seemed he felt like all his yarn was in my house, which was partially true... you would think he would remember packing all those orders.

    After a busy couple of days, lots of love and hugs, we tearfully bid Dizzy farewell.  The 4 year old was devastated that her sheep left and offered to let Dizzy move in.. so, should Dizzy ever tire of East Rochester, he always has a place with us.  Should at the end of his journeys, any Dizzy doubles need homes, let us know, we would be happy to adopt.