Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It wasn't just me

You know how I complained that no one was home to take my call yesterday.  Not even my Mom, seriously what is up with that?  Anyway, I have started to get the I am sorry phone calls from folks who read the post and what not.  Well, apparently, some of you were also having your buttockes (I know, it isn't a word, but say it, buttockes, fun huh?) kicked as well.

A story from MJ.

MJ:  "Sorry I didn't call you back, I was busy."

S:  "I know, everyone was.  It was a massive cosmic period of hyper-activity."

MJ:  "Well, the universe was on my buttocks as well."

S:  "Oh, the universe gets around, I would have thought it was pretty busy screwing up my day."

MJ:  "Yeah, still found time to swing by here.... so let me tell you what happened.  I invited one of T's friends over to play.  Asked the mom to come too, we would have lunch, etc.  She calls me that morning and says her husband would like to come along."

S:  "Her husband?"

MJ:  "Yeah, her husband.  I know weird.  Anyway, so I grab another pizza from the freezer, and then it hits me like a ton of bricks.... the house smells.  Some one had a poop."

S:  "They didn't flush... yeah, yeah, you flush life goes on."

MJ:  "So you would think.  I flushed, and it didn't exactly go down, and now we have the stench of the dead in my house.  You realize I can't smell skunk and I could smell this."

S:  giggling, "You could have the husband fix it..."

MJ:  "I need a snake, and I can't find it and so I have my bathroom filled with cleaner and scented candles and I can still smell it.  I cleaned downstairs, but then had to quick do the upstairs in case anyone needed to pee.  When they walked in my house smelled like raw sewage.  Did I mention the kids were having a melt down?  I think I might have burned the pizza too, but who remembers.  I am not totally sure if my hair was combed when I met this woman for the first time.  So yeah, the universe swung by here to."

S: laughing so hard I was crying, "I think I might have pee'd a little."

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