Friday, October 23, 2009

It takes a village

Driving home from Hannah's Halloween party, I expected to walk into the house and find two boys who were very angry with me.  I expected Mac to yell and scream at me. I expected him to hit me and kick me.  I expected Sam to be crying in the corner and also be be VERY angry with me.

When I arrived home, I left Hannah in the car, because I was not 100% sure the boys were in the house.  But, then I saw the wet foot prints on the garage floor.  Much to small to be Bob's.  They were home.  I got Hannah out of the car and entered the house, expecting to have everyone yell at me.

They ignored me.  Maybe they weren't aware that I was home.  I said hello to everyone.  They said hi back, and went back to what they were doing.  I sucked in a big breath of air and proceeded.

"Boys, I am sorry, I forgot that I needed to be at school at 12:15.  Once I remembered it was too late to get there."

"It is OK Mom, Mrs. E and Mrs. O helped us.  We all walked home in an umbrella parade and Dad met us at the corner.  Sam was a little scared, and kept asking where you were, but Mrs. O called and Dad answered.  It was actually kinda fun." -- Mac

"I missed you Mom, but I knew you would be coming home.  Mrs. E stayed with me.  She said I could go to her house if we couldn't find you." -- Sam

There was no yelling or screaming.  I goofed, and the other moms covered for me.  My village.  I have a village now.  My boys have other moms who will help them.  We have arrived.  I know that the other moms at the walker door are looking out for my boys too. 

While I feel really bad about what happened.  It wasn't like we didn't talk about it this morning.  It wasn't like I didn't remind about 5 other people that there was a 1/2 day today.  But, I still forgot.  Everyone helped out and everything worked out.

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