Saturday, October 10, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

I have been the recipient of many random acts of kindness.  I have done a few.  My knitting community has a board for folks to "advertise" what they want.  It is always best to send someone something they want.

I read the list every month and try and pick people who want things I have but no longer use or need.  I have a budget of $10 a month for postage for this project.  It makes me feel good.  It feeds my soul, so I feel it is as important as food.

My selection criteria is simple, you have something on your list that I don't use anymore, won't cost more than my postage budget to send it, and I get a good feeling about your post, I choose you.  Sometimes I read a persons profile or blog, sometimes I just choose them.

One such person, S really moved me.  Her package cost my entire monthly budget to send.  I sent her all of my old cross stitch supplies.  I had some Sesame Street kits and some Christmas Stockings.  We all know that the Christmas Stockings are not useful to me anymore, and my kids are really beyond Sesame Street.  I could have made them as a gift, but I knit now.

It took almost a month for S to get her package.  I fretted that it might not show up.  But, it did.  Just as S assured me it would.  She said that she was so moved by my package, that it brought her to tears.  My unwanted stuff made someone that happy.  It was awesome.  She took these beautiful pictures of the things I sent her and put them up on the board.  It made what I sent look like something so much more than what it was.

I read S's bio on Rav, and she says that she has Aspergers.  This is something I have not really shared with anyone, but for quite sometime now, it was thought that Mac might have Aspergers.  He fits the profile, and this was his initial diagnosis.  After much evaluation and testing, it was decided that he did not exactly present enough characteristics and was given a different diagnosis.  Many of his social issues manifest themselves in an Aspergers like manner, he is border-line.  So, while he does not wear that label, I understand what it means and the struggles dealing with this entail.

The coincidences with this woman are too many to ignore.  I feel that I chose her for a reason.  Maybe it was just to do something nice for her, but maybe it was something greater.  Really, who knows.  It will be interesting to see where this leads me.

Edited, I just jumped back to rav to send her a pm... and noticed her name is Sam.  Freaky.

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  1. are you on freecycle? i love freecycling stuff to people.