Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The trip to California

This post is being written in advance of the events actually happening.  I will post the actual events on Thursday, but this is how I will imagine my day.

7:30, a lovely black limo will pull into my driveway, and the drop dead handsome driver will put my luggage into the tunk and escort me and my lovely children to the car.

8:45, we will arrive at midway, and said driver will unload our luggage.  I will tip him generously.

9:30, we will have cleared security, and be scoping out a place to get a light snack.

10:45 we will be taxiing down the runway and have a relaxing journey to California.  There will be no fighting.  The kids will be quiet and enjoyable on the airplane.  I will be able to knit and read while we cross the country.

1:30 we will land, and we will meet my mom at the baggage claim.  The kids will be helpful and carry the luggage to the car.

2:30, we will be peacefully traveling along US 1 to Santa Barbara.  There will be no fighting, no traffic and everyone will enjoy the seeing the ocean.

4:30, we will arrive in Santa Barbara, and pick up yummy salads for dinner and the kids will enjoy a pizza.

Once we arrive, everyone will be happy, rested and peaceful.  I will have a glass of wine with my mom, and the kids will play happily in the backyard.  Bed time will come and everyone will go to bed happily.  The weather will be lovely.

Ok, Thursday, I will give you the real story.  But, if we could all say a little prayer that it isn't much different than what I imagined, that would be great.  I am willing to concede the hot driver, if it means no fighting on the trip.

Peace out!

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  1. I hope your predictions are coming true and you are having lovely travels to CA.