Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A rock in the pond

Today I walked the kids to school.  I know, earth shattering, I never do this.  But, while we were walking Mac and I were discussing the books for the Battle of the Books competition he is in.  One of the books is The Boy in the Red Coat, by Barbara Park.  He was telling me how he remembered the authors name.

I asked what the book was about, and he told me it is about a boy who moves and is the new kid.  I look over at Mac, in his red coat and say, you are the new kid and you are a wearing a red coat.  He told me that he wasn't the new kid anymore.  That after a year you are one of the regular kids.

This was in interesting observation.  Mac is now one of the regular kids.  He stopped and looked at me, impressed by his observation too.  He told me that it was nice to be one of the regular kids and not the new kid anymore.  I agree!

I told him, that moving the way we did is like throwing a big rock into a pond.  When the rock hits the water, it disrupts the pond, it makes a splash and there are ripples on the water.  When the rock hits the ground, the dirt moves around, the other rocks have to shift their position, and the entire environment is disrupted.  But, after a while, everything settles back down and the rock becomes part of the eco-system in the pond.

I think the dirt is starting to settle and that we are starting to be part of the eco-system.

On a separate topic, my toasty warm boots came and the zipper broken while I tried them on!  I was so excited to have warm feet and the zipper broke.  Sigh.  I guess I will have warm feet in a few days, because I will be in California.  I am taking flip flops.

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