Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kids say the Darndest Things

Watch out Birds
As a way of background, It is a ritual to throw peanuts for the blue jays at my Moms house.  It is one thing the kids look forward to.  My mom is a big bird lover. 

Hannah to Grandma:  I would like the tennis racket you hit the birds with. 
Grandma to Hannah:  You mean a badmitten racket?
Grandma to Me:  Great, your kids think I lure birds into the yard and whack them with tennis rackets.

Anatomy of a Con:
Sam:  Come and play badmitten with me please.
Uncle Mike:  Not today, maybe next time.
Sam:  Please
Uncle Mike:  Not today, I already played with you, I am tired.
Sam:  Please
Mom:  Go outside.
Sam:  Ok, Mom
5 minutes later
Hannah:  Uncle Mike, come outside with me, there is something I want to show you.
Uncle Mike:  Ok, lets go, what do you want to show me.
Upon reaching the outdoors...
Sam:  Uncle Mike, lets play badmitten, you are outside already.  Hannah, good job, you got him out here.
Uncle Mike, you've been played.

Who does Daddy love?
Hannah:  Mommy, I know what girls Daddy loves.
Mommy:  Really?  Who?
Hannah:  Me.
Mommy:  Anyone else?
Hannah:  You
Mommy:  Is that all?
Hannah:  No, there is the girl Kim that he also loves that we see at the religous school park.
Mommy:  Is that so....
(Note:  Kim is Flaffies cousin, so I am not real worried about it.)

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