Saturday, December 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

1.  Don't brag about the weather.  The average high over the next week is 58, down from 69 - 75.  That will teach me.

2.  I hate it when the carbon monoxide detectors run out of battery in the middle of the night.  Why does that always happen?

3.  Is it because during the day we are so loud we don't hear it? 

4.  If so, why is it that it wakes you up at like 2 in the morning?

5.  Is it wise to sell me pointy sticks?

6.  We get to go to the craft store.

7.  They sell good yarn.

8.  I have a coupon.

9.  I love all Cookies. 

10.  1 down 1 to go

11.  I forgot a lot of stuff... thank goodness for the usps and kmart.

12.  Show of hands who thinks we should move here?

13.  I don't want to live the parking lot either.  That will teach me to be more specific.

14.  Knitting makes everything better

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