Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Art Museum

Yesterday I took the kids to the art museum.  They really enjoyed seeing the art.  Most of the museum was closed, so there wasn't much to see, so I was a little bummed about that.  There was one exhibit that really excited them.  They wanted to touch everything.  It was cool sculpture that really did make you want to touch it, good art should move you.  But, in a museum such as this you can not touch.

The security guard comes over after watching me struggle to enforce the no touching rule, and told them, "Listen to your Grandmother and don't touch the art please."  Well, my hair is done, so I am not any greyer than any other 40 year old mother.  My kids all stopped and looked at him.  Mac says to him, "She is my mother, NOT my Grandmother and she isn't really old enough to be my Grandmother anyway.  My Grandmothers are really old, not like my mom."  I am not sure how to take that, but I think Mac's heart was in the right place.

I looked at the guy, and he slinked away.  Actually, he slinked completly out of the room and had a new security guard come it.  Yeah, we scared him off.  So, all you would be art thieves, we offer our sevices for hire.  My kids will scare off the guard and then you can steal what you want, while we provide a distraction.

The other guard who came, was very nice, and told me that there was a children's exhibit in the basement that we could go and see.  He then told me that we could come and go as we pleased, so if the kids were loosing interest, we could just come back later.  I thought that was a slightly more diplomatic way of saying get the hell out of here before you break something.

We go the hell out of there by the way, went to the kids exhibit and left never to return.  I think the guards all were slightly relieved.

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