Saturday, December 5, 2009

Premium Theaters

I went to see New Moon with some girlfriends last night.  We went to a premium theater. I was a newbie... I didn't know what to expect.  I gassed up the credit card, just to be sure.  It didn't cost much more than a matinee to get in.  So far so good I thought.

When we were finally seated, a waitress comes around to take our drink orders.  DRINK orders at the theater, so awesome.  This is where the catch comes in, you have to order something, that is why the ticket price is so low.  But oh well!  Then, she came back around to get our food orders.  I had already eaten so I just had a melon ball slushie, so yummy. 

They do not darken the theater as much as a regular theater, so you can see your food, and presumably so the wait staff doesn't kill themselves.  The up shot to that, was that it was light enough for me to see my knitting.  Here is where my conflict came in.  I was out with some of the cool moms from school.  I wasn't sure it would be acceptable to pull out my knitting and start working on it.  Then there was the whole, friends don't let friends knit and drink.  Back and forth I went. 

In the end, I decided not to pull out the knitting.  Too bad, because it might have helped smooth the massive plot leaps.  Seriously, one minute Bella is hangin' with werewolves and the next she is jetting off to Italy.

When I got home, I told Bob about it, and I was all, we need to go and see a movie there.  It was awesome.  He looked at me like, is this only because they serve booze?  I finally confessed, it was also because it didn't get very dark.  He couldn't figure out why that was a good thing.  Then the light goes on.  He turns slowly and looks at me and purposefully says, "do you like the fact that it is lighter so you can knit?"  I love a man who gets me.

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