Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One Degree of Seperation

Yesterday, I talked about how one persons' bad year is anothers' dream.  It seems that message keeps on keepin' on. One degree of seperation is all that keeps me from these wild and horribly tragic events that are happening in other peoples lives. 

A friend of a a friend of mine had her house burn down.  While everyone is ok, the loss of everything you own and the accompaning drama in rebuilding all of that is unimaginable.  Being a Californian, I have seen numerous people go through this.  Sure at the end everything is ok, but the trip to getting there is not pleasant.  I feel for them, 2010 will be a rough year for them.

Another is a family of a friend of my Aunts, they lost their 8 year old son in a boating accident Sunday.  Their pleasure craft was hit by a coast guard cruiser traveling at a high rate of speed.  Their other two kids are in the hospital, I don't know how they are doing, but I hope they survive, because the death of one child is all anyone ever needs to deal with.  The Dad is presumably physically ok, as he was interviewed for the paper, but 3 other adults are also injured.  I hope his wife is not one of them, they will need each other.

While I am perched, poised, and ready to leap on 2010 in hopes of a better year, I see these families that might not be so lucky.  I hope that my 2010 is better, and I hope that yours is too.  I also hope that these families are able to proceed with their lives and not be horribly derailed by the tragedy of 2009.

Fires, boating accidents, oh my.  All I can say, is be safe out there folks!

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