Monday, December 7, 2009


Expectations.  That is what it all boils down to.  I have an idea about how things should be, and I have expectations about what should happen.  Sometimes things just don't work out the way I think they should.

Mac spent the night with a friend on Saturday.  I had the expectation that we would have a lovely peaceful weekend.  That was not to be.  Sam and Hannah fought with each other all evening.  When I put Hannah to bed at 6:00, on her request, she was tired. Sam was bored.  He whined that there was nothing on tv to watch, that none of his video games were good and he wanted someone to play with. Here I thought, the kid would like having the house to himself, but he ended up missing his brother.

Bob and I did not have the peaceful evening we imagined.  Sure the wine helped with the whine, but still... I had visions of peace and quiet dancing in my head.

The next morning, Mac was to be delivered to religious school.  This is not a hardship for the friends family, as the friend was also supposed to attend the same religious school.  Apparently, it was a hardship for this family, as he did not show up until half way through.  He missed his first class, and half of his second class.

I teach a class that uses the room that the friend is in prior to my class, so I see him when he leaves.  I was a bit freaked out when I didn't see him.  Why wasn't he there?  Where was my baby?  I just assumed I had missed seeing him walk out.  Mac was at my door at the end of class, which was a relief.  But, Mac was very unhappy that he missed his first class.  I guess my expectation that he actually show up on time, was too hard for this family to enforce, as the kids were tired.  Really?  Big surprise, the kids were tired after a sleep over?  hmm.  Next time, the kid can come over here, and we can enforce that they arrive on time.

I guess I need to calibrate my expectations better!

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