Sunday, December 6, 2009

News Stories

I have been reading the newspaper.  Yes, I still read the paper EVERY day.  I know, very old school of me. Some days I walk away wondering what the fuck has this world come too?  Seriously, the massively stupid things people/countries do boggles the mind.  I wonder, do they read the article in the paper and wonder, "why did I do that?"

Let me start with the IRS.  They audited a woman who only made $19,000, because they felt she made too little to have two dependents, Article.  Seriously, she didn't make enough money to support her kids?  Ok, so, you are poor, you get pregnant, you have kids, what the heck are you supposed to do with them, because apparently the IRS says you can't support them.  The IRS believes she has unreported income, but after spending $10,000 on lawyer fees the woman in question was not proven guilty.  But the IRS still didn't believe that she supported her kids.  So, these kids don't exist as far as the IRS is concerned.  Makes you proud to be an American doesn't it!

The whole situation with the Swiss sort of befuddled me as well.  I thought Switzerland was neutral?  Apparently not anymore.  But the French re-action, well, that amazed me.  Seriously, you are going to out law Burkas?  This is a slippery slope, are kippas next?  I guess eventually there will be fashion police.  Where does the government get off mandating what I can and can not wear.  I guess there is some basic expectation of covering my private parts, but much beyond that, isn't this my problem?  When the government gets into my panties enough to tell me what I need to wear over them, we have an issue.  Note to self:  don't move to France.

Last year at this time, all the articles about holiday shopping were about how to trim your list, make things, give the gift of time, etc.  They were not about buying things.  Today, I read an article, entitled, "Buy a New Dress for that Holiday Party."  This isn't the only article I have read lately encouraging us to buy things for the holidays.  Have we forgotten that 10% of the population is unemployed?  That many of us are under-employed?  That the majority of us are probably scared shit-less that we will loose our jobs.  The editors of the Chicago Tribune, think it is a good idea to promote shopping.  In thing perilous economic recovery, that is what we should do, spend more.  That said, if we get the consumer engine up and running it will help the economy.

Finally, who has had enough of Tiger Woods.  I don't freakin' care what he did or didn't do, or about who he did or didn't do it too.  The interesting thing is that the President talks about leaving Afghanistan, the next day the whole Tiger things blows up, and what are we talking about?  Tiger Woods.  No wonder other countries think we are idiots.

Now, lets all hold hands and hope the kids do something funny, otherwise I will talk about the news again.

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