Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let's put it to bed

Since the year is wrapping up, I have been pondering the events of this past year.  Now, most of you have been along for the ride, so you know that this past year has not been really a great one.  You know I am ready to put this year into the books and close it up, tie it up with strong string and toss into a corner, never to be thought of again. 

That will be pretty hard to do, not think about this year.  2009, really has been a year of such great change, that it will be hard not to remember where we were, and compare that to where we are.  Pretty much everything in our lives has changed, except for the one main thing, we stand firmly together as a family.  But, even our definition of family has changed, in a good way.  I think each and everyone of us is closer to the others.  We are, as a unit stronger than we were last year at this time.

I think that while most marriages are challenged by job loss, moving and other stressors, for Bob and I, it has made us realize that we really do have each others backs.  Sure we fight about when to shovel the snow off the driveway.  I would like to go on the record as saying ALL snow must be removed, because it ices up and I have to walk the kids to school twice a day.  Bob on the other hand, feels if he can get up the driveway, no need to remove the snow.  But I digress.

 Well, only 18 more days and we can put 2009 to bed and start in on 2010.  I hope it is a better year for us, and for you, I hope it is filled with blessings and joy.

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