Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let it snow!

I am a California Girl.  I bleed salt water.  My toes love the feeling of sand between them.  Seriously, there is nothing better than fun in the surf and sun.  I did not grow up with snow.  The only snow I ever saw at my house was the snow my brother and his friend loaded up in his truck and drove down to my moms house.  That seems like a special kind of crazy, to shovel snow into the bed of a truck to drive it down so that the kids the in 'hood could have a snowball fight.  But he was 20 something, and it really didn't snow that close to our house that often ever.

So, being in a snowy climate for the past, well, a lot of years.  My feelings about snow have changed a lot.  The first time it snowed when I lived in Cleveland, I called my mom all excited.  This guy, don't remember his name anymore, took me to an empty parking lot and taught me how to spin out, or more importantly how to stay alive if I spin out.  It was fun and exciting.  I loved to play in the snow.  I loved everything about it.

Fast forward A LOT of years.  A lot more than I wish to remember, and now, I am not such a fan of snow.  It is a pain in the ass to put three kids in snow suits and get out the door.  Today, the kids were a bundle of energy.  I woke up to screams of delight, it is snowing!  Followed by, we don't have school, it is snowing.  The kids don't quite understand what level of snow will cancel school.  Face it, we live in Chicago, no amount of snow will cancel school.  The President's Daughter was right on that account.

So, I bundled everyone up, and out the door we went.  I had not even left the house and Hannah drops to the ground, on the walkway.  I am thinking, she fell.  But, no, she was making snow angels.  She made one about every 5 feet on the way to school today.  It took a lot of doing to keep her from making on on the road.  I am not sure, but something tells me that would not be a good idea. 

The kids had a great time, throwing snowballs at each other, making snow angels, and generally playing.  They can not wait until recess.  Because, yes, even in the snow our kids go out.

After putting the car on my neighbors lawn this morning, shh, don't tell, this California girl, longs for the surf and sand.

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