Thursday, December 10, 2009

It is chilly outside

In preparation for today's post you will need to acquire a few accessories.  First off, you will need to protect your knees.  You only have one set of given knees, so take care of them.  To that end, get your knee pads, yoga mat or something to protect your knees on the ground.  Don't worry, I'll wait.

A little warm up, light stretching.  Perhaps a few side touches, and arm reaches.  What ever you need to do to get loosened up.  All set?  Ready to go?  Great, prepare to be moved to bow down at my awesome hard-coreness.

Let me paint the scene, it 1 degree Fahrenheit outside, with a steady wind of 15 mph, and gusts up to 50 mph.  So to say it is freezing, is perhaps an under statement.  It is freakin' arctic outside.  We are talking, exposed skin = frostbite.  This is some serious cold.

The kids and I walked the block and a half to school.  Yeah, we bundled up and walked.  Hannah and I walked back.  We were outside for 20 minutes today, walking to school, waiting to be let in, and walking back.  We waved at all our friends, as they drove by snuggled into their cars, with their lattes.  I said we were awesomely hard-core, not necessarily smart.  I think that the only way people recognized us is because they know the colors of our coats.  Seriously, all you could see is our eyes, because any exposed skin was going to be frozen off. 

So, us walkers, we are awesomely hard-core, we walk to school in 1 degree real temp, significantly colder if you factor in wind chill.  Yeah, so this California girl, who put her van on the neighbors lawn the other day, walked to school in the arctic temps.  We are going to walk to do pick up too...

I know, I am awesomely hard-core.  You warmed up, and you may now genuflect.  Remember, you have knee protection and you warmed up.  You should be good, you won't hurt yourself.  If you do, don't come calling on me.

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