Sunday, December 20, 2009

Guess what mom?

Today Imagination Movers, a show on Disney channel, was about Santa loosing his ho ho ho.  The Movers helped him get it back.  My kids watched it, mostly because nothing else was on.  At the end, they sang a song, that said it is the Christmas season, and Hanukkah too.  Sam came tearing into the room, and announced that Hanukkah was included.

My kids were very excited to watch Phineas and Pherb save Christmas because Isabella is Jewish and she says, "Well, I don't celebrate Christmas, but I got the coolest stuff for Hanukkah, 8 whole days of dreams come true!"  The boys were so excited to see that episode, because one of the characters is like them.  (Except for the fact that she is a girl.)  They could wait to quote it at school the next day.

My sister-in-law, sends her kids to Jewish Day School.  I am starting to see the wisdom in that decision.  It is very hard to be the kid that is different.  There are more mulsim families in our school than jewish ones.  So, when I get upset about the over abundance of Christmas at school, parties, and other activities it is because, my kids while they enjoy the activity, still feel sort of left out.

Mac emailed Club Penguin to ask them to include Hanukkah stuff in their Christmas party.  I am sure he did it because he has seen me fighting about it in our actual lives, but the fact remains that he noticed it and felt left out.

I realize I have harped on this subject for ever, and that you are probably tired of reading about it.  I just some how feel that some folks still don't get it.  They don't understand why it is so hard to be left out because your faith is different.  I guess at the end of the day, I know who my friends are and I know what organizations support diversity.  I like diversity.

I just hope that when folks say they understand, that means that they will change their behavior.  Frankly, I haven't seen that happen.

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