Monday, December 21, 2009

Perspective in the winery

I bought some wine infused chocolates for a friend of mine today.  We found the winery, the kids stayed in the car and I went in to the winery, and picked up the chocolates.  The lady in front of me was buying about 10 cases of wine.  By the way she was dressed and the way she talked about the wine, it was clearly for her.  For her holiday gathering, to be specific.

As she was leaving she wished the lady behind the counter a good New Year.  She said, "2009 was so horrible, I certianly hope that 2010 is better.  It just has to be."

While I totally share that sentiment, it is so outside my world that I would purchase 10 cases of premium wine for a party that I can not imagine how her year was bad.  Seriously, did she have to let her party planner go?  Does she have to do all the work herself now? 

That said, I am pretty sure other folks would look at my bad year and say, what, you had to let your cleaning lady go?  You have to clean your own house now?  You still have a house right??

It is all about perspective isn't it!

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