Thursday, December 17, 2009

The real story

So, we arrived.  The real story:

7:30,  no limo.

7:45,  call to limo company conjures up limo and a white stretch limo pulls into my driveway, while I am on the phone with the car service.  Why does that always happen?  I would like to note that the driver is not hideous, but also not someone I would even consider violating my marriage vows with.  Here is the good thing, the male I would consider doing that with would never consider doing it with me.  I love how that works out.

8:45 we arrive at the airport, stand in line for about a month, check our luggage, and make our way through security.  All without event.  Even the cat that was in the carrier ahead of us did nothing interesting, like leap out of its owners arms and run through the airport.
10:45 we board the plane and we are told that our crew is on another plane.  That they will be there shortly.  Apparently, shortly means about 45 minutes in airline speak.

11:30 we are finally in the air.  Everyone is coloring, looking at books and everything seems to be moving along alright.  Snacks are being eaten, drinks drunk, kids generally hunkered down for the 4 hour flight.

12:30 "Mommy, can I watch a dvd?"  I get the dvd player out.  Which I charged prior to leaving on the trip.  Or at least I THOUGHT I had charged it.  Anyway, dig the player and the dvds only to realize that the player didn't work.  There was a brief moment of panic.  I stayed cool on the outside, explained the situation to the 4 year old.  Waited for the response.  She looks at me and says, "Oh, that is too bad, to you think it is broken or it just didn't charge?"  Me:  "Not sure honey, will look into it when we get to Grandma's."  4 yr old:  "I guess I will color instead."  Me:  "Good idea."  Inside, I am thinking, what just happened here?  Anyway, thanks for the prayers, it seemed to work.

1:30  We land, after 3 trips to the potty, numerous coloring pages sent to the pilot and crew, magazines being cut up and decopaged to the windows, books read and games played.  But, no one fought.  Sure there were a few moments where I had to threaten punishments, but nothing was doled out.  All and all, a first class flight.

2:30 we are on the road.

3:30 we stop at the park to let the kids run around a bit.

4:15 we load back up and continue to Santa Barbara.  We worried about traffic, that really never materalized.  The kids were mostly good.  A bit ansty towards the end, but I think everyone was.

5:30, 12 hours after we started, we arrive at my Mom's.  All and all a good trip.  Guess my trade on the looks of the driver worked out.

Sorry this isn't a more dramatic post on the harrows of flying with children.  Today it just didn't happen.  Is it wrong of me to hope that the return is just as good?  I fixed the dvd player, so we will have that next time.

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