Friday, January 8, 2010

Wisdom from the Sheep

I follow a blog about a sheep named Dizzy.  He has lots of friends, Alpaca and Fred to name a few.  The purpose of this blog is, aside from being wickedly clever, to sell yarn.  They promote one yarn a day at a price that makes you think they are well, dizzy.

They post a little story everyday.  The folks that write this are very funny.  You can tell they really enjoy doing it, because the whole story line is so well done.  Anyway, Dizzy was lamenting all the work he had to do because of a big sale over the Christmas holiday.  He wished he could clone himself.  He talks about how it would be nice to have someone who was just like him, who understood him.

This is my question.  My understanding is that you take dna from one being and create an embryo out of it, implant the embryo and birth a genetic copy of that being.  So, if someone is a genetic copy of you, does that mean that they will be just like you?  You would be separated in age by how every many years.  Is your personality more a result of your experiences or genetics?  That is the question. 

Assuming a clone was made of me right now, that child would grow up in a world vastly different than the one I grew up in.  Can we say 8-track players, cassette tapes and records?  Would they know what a VHS tape is or try beta?  Floppy disks and apple IIe computers are things that dotted the landscape when I was a kid.  We didn't have cell phones, i-pods or portable dvd players.  Our lives were different when I was a child.  A child today is going to have a vastly different set of experiences than I did.  How would that impact their basic personality?

Not that I would want another Me running around.  Seriously, one of me is enough, but I don't know that a genetic copy of me would have any better understanding of my personality and decisions than anyone else would.  I guess I think that part of what makes us us is part and parcel with our experience of life.  A genetic clone would not come from the same place I did.

So, while we might have the same dna, I don't think we would be the same.  I look at my kids, and sure they are only 1/2 me, but still, not one of them is really like me.  Sure, they might look a little like me, but they certainly are not 1/2 copies of my personality, and the certainly do not understand me.

Would a clone of a person be just like that person.  I don't think so.  What do you think?

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