Friday, January 15, 2010

Don't throw spoons

I seem to be having some anger management issues this week.  Let's just say, things haven't been going my way and I have been upset and hurt by a number of things this week.  Maybe I am being too sensitive, or maybe the universe is out to get me. 

Since things have taken a turn for the better, I had forgotten about how much the universe likes to dance the funky chicken on my spleen.  You see, I was starting to assume, every little thing was going to be alright, and I let my guard down.

"WAAAHHHAAA," laughs the universe, "I have been practicing with the River Dancers, now on to your spleen."

Wednesday, was a particularly bad day.  Kids yelling and screaming and having eighty five thousand fits.  If I had been on my game I would have been on the look out for the universe, but... alas, I was not.  So, after a long day of temper tantrums, some mine some the kids, it happened.

Hannah had a bed time meltdown, that made nuclear meltdown seem like a better option.  Then, once she had settled down and was tucked in bed, Mac joined in.  It started with not finishing the yogurt he promised me he would finish.  I was already cooked, and I lost it.  It wasn't pretty, and rather than have a fit, I decided to take my rage out on the kitchen sink and a spoon.  I hurled the spoon into the empty sink with such force the bits of yogurt on it sprayed the window, and I pulled a muscle in my hand.

That will teach me.  I pulled a freakin' muscle in my hand, and now I can not knit.  This is like a total complete tragedy.  Stop the presses, call 911, I am disabled.  This is made worse, as on Friday evening I am engaging in a little competitive knitting.  Yes, there is such a thing as competitive knitting.  I am already on the DL and we haven't started.  I will share more on Sock Wars tomorrow, but lets suffice it to say, it is bad to start out injured!

I have been icing my thumb/hand all day.  What was a small redish bruise is not a massive black/purple bruise all over my hand.  While it looks horrible, it hurts less than you might imagine.  I am guardedly optimistic about Friday.  But, since I plan to go to the gym Friday, I hope I don't re-injure myself.

All of this from throwing a spoon into the sink.  Hat's off to you universe, you out did yourself.

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  1. i should show this to my husband because he thinks i have a violent temper. lol! seriously, i hope your hand is okay and i understand how sometimes our kids can set us off when we least expect it.