Thursday, January 21, 2010

Skinny Chicks at the Gym

At the gym the other day there is this woman complaining about how she HAS to take the step class because she has gotten sooooo fat.  She, being the alpha mom, then had all of her other friends who normally take pilates at the same time take the step class with her.

You know the type, perfect hair at the gym, makeup on, boobs all lifted and in the right place, oh, and skinny.  I was in the office at the school one day and I over heard the secretaries talking about one of the moms at the school.

#1:  You know Frank's mom, the skinny one
#2:  Which Frank?  All these moms are skinny.  I think that is why they are all so crabby all the time, they are all starving.

I had a good chuckle about that.  But, you know the type I am talking about.  They are dress prefect, hair done and perfect, make up,  boobs, the whole package is perfect, at drop off.  I don't know about you, but at drop off I generally have just rolled out of bed and haven't showered yet.  I have mixed emotions about this type of female.  1) They make me look like a slob and 2) who has time for all that?

So anyway, she is complaining about HOW fat she is and all that.  I am thinking, ok chick, you just want someone in your posse to tell you how cute you look.  There is general mouth noises being made by the group and then the other alpha mom walks in, and listens to this and then she says, "Well it is because you drink too much wine."  The other mom stops mid-complain and looks at her. The OAM (other alpha mom) says, "Yeah, your right, you have been hitting the treats a bit much lately too, you are looking a bit bloated."

I almost wet myself.  Because OAM was cute and all, but not as skinny and perfect as the alpha mom.  To see OAM agree with alpha mom was awesome.  I loved it.  It solidified a couple of things for me, 1) I don't need friends or enemies like that and 2) it is hard work to be pretty.  I looked around at a couple of the other people in the class who were watching all this go down, they were all smiling a bit about the situation.

You see, when I was in 7th grade the pretty, cool girls pants me pretty much every day.  They teased me and laughed at me because my body was less perfect than theirs and my looks less pretty.  Today, in the gym, I realized something, that at 40 some years old, I don't really care about looking like that.  I go to the gym because it is good for me to move my body.  I try and eat good things, because I want to see my babies have babies.  Sure, I like to look cute, and have my husband feel happy that he married me, but what I have that that alpha mom doesn't have is confidence.  I don't need to be perfect, I realize that I am not perfect.  I am more than a number on the scale, or a cute outfit.  I am happy with my life AND the way I look.  I wish I knew that when I was in 7th grade and the pretty, cool girls were pants-ing me. 


  1. you go girl! :) i know how you feel though. my son thinks i'm pretty so that's all that matters. (i'm happy that my husband is still attracted to me too, but kids are more judgmental.)

  2. That's awesome! The story and the confidence. I was one of the "not-so-cool" kids in school, too, but I love my life now!