Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random thoughts

  • Mixed feelings about the mailbox.  I have some goodies coming, Dizzy of course should be here too... But the is always the risk of death socks
  • 8 days, no sun.  No wonder I am suicidal.
  • I thought Saturdays were your day off.
  • Seriously, talk to me... tell me.. don't tell someone else.
  • Rude people suck
  • It is a gauntlet every morning... I should be in better shape
  • Should I or shouldn't I?  
  • Just say no.
  • Roasted Cauliflower is the new potato chip, bet you can't eat just one.
  • Another day of battle
  • Oink, Oink
  • Three day weeks go by VERY fast.
  • Shake your hiney repeaters.. gotta love 'em
  • Lorna's again!  Yeah... 
  • 2 pairs of death socks done... yeah, there is some knittin' goin' on.

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