Sunday, January 3, 2010

Random thought

  • Electronic Cigarettes?  I don't understand what that is all about.  They compare them to video games, but you still get your nicotine buzz?  Apparently you only get the vapor of the nicotine some how.  I am not sure I want to smoke something that is connected to a power source.  We need to thin the herd some how I suppose.
  • Flat sheep tours the world.  We can't wait for the flat sheep to come and see us.  We will read Sheep In a Jeep to him, take him places, and do fun things.  Yeah for the flat sheep.
  • If I can drive a car, then why is it that I can not drive the cart in Mario Cart?  If I drove like I do on Mario Cart, we would be in a much different insurance bracket.
  • I made her apologize.  She was wrong and I got her to admit it.  Yeah!!  It is always dangerous to be snotty with someone, because if you end up being wrong it sucks.  
  • I wonder why the gas company can not read my meter?  I see them walking around, but for some reason, reading my meter is too hard.  Can't they scope it?  If they can't read it, then they need to move it.
  • My brother called to ask me about pajamas for his almost 9 year old son... he wants to buy in size 4.  Hmm, don't think that will work.  But oh well.

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