Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Traditional MLK Weekend.

It is the end of a long weekend.  The kids did not have school for 4 days.  I feel like a bad mother, because we didn't do anything for 4 days.  The other kids went on vacations to the Dells, Florida, skiing, etc.  It seems like everyone left town to do something with their extra time. 

This got me thinking, Martin Luther King Day has always been about hanging out in the house for us.  3 1/2 years ago, I seized the opportunity to potty train Sam.  We were going to be home and in the house for 3 days, might as well potty train the 2 1/2 year old.  I have an internal time clock about potty training.  All my kids need to be done with diapers, during the day, by 3.  I know some folks don't even start till 3, more power to 'em, but for me, I always felt late to the potty training party.  But I digress.

One year their was a blizzard, so staying in was "expected" and we weren't looked at strangely.  But, usually, when asked, where did you go?  We make up stories.  This year, I think I am going to tell the truth.  I stayed home, I knit a pair of death socks, I went to the grocery store and we played a lot of wii.

I am not upset that we didn't do anything interesting.  We go on a big trip at the end of December, and this break is a chance for us to recharge our batteries, and just be together as a family.  Sam and I won a lot of races in Mario Kart.  To the point where, usually, my biggest competition is Sam, not the other players.  I understand Sam's friend J, is even better than him... can't wait to challenge that kid! 

We watched movies together, and cleaned the house up a bit.  Not that it looks so clean right now.  Mac made food for the smaller kids and the smaller kids learned how to appreciate their brother.  We sleep in late, go to bed late and generally don't leave the house.  We had thought about going sledding, because it was sort of warm, but sadly, when it is sort of warm the snow melts and the sledding hill becomes a bit grassy for sledding.

The kids played with friends, but just enough for it to be enjoyable, not so much that it was a burden.  It was just enough neighborhood interaction that we didn't feel like hermits, but not so much that we felt like Grand Central Station.  Sometimes, the bonus of living in a neighborhood, with kids coming in and out all the time, can begin to feel over whelming.  This weekend, most kids were gone, so it worked out great!

So, we had our traditional staycation this year.  I hope that in the light of the economic downturn, this won't be so strange as it has in past years.

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  1. nothing wrong with sticking around. :) we had family over for shabbat and then visited other family on sunday. monday we stayed close to home. my friend and i went thrift shopping and later i took the boys out while my husband went to costco. we went to the mall and played skee-ball and then hung out in the kid's play area. i took them to target for little presents afterward. :)