Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh the smell of diesel in the morning

I walk the kids to school both ways.  Bob says that they are old enough and I don't need to do this.  But Sam is very scared to go by himself.  Not because he is afraid that he can't do it, but because he worries about his brother being mean to him.  This is another problem entirely, but I walk them.

It is very cold.  I seriously thought I was a little sick when I thought, hey it is 20 out, it feels kinda warm.  When we walk the kids to school, I am assaulted by the smell of the buses.  The smell of diesel fumes in the cold is different than in the warm.  The way the buses smell in the winter time reminds me of skiing.  That is the smell that surrounded the lodge.  I am sure it is because there was a billion buses bringing skiers to the slopes.

This smell brings back memories of skiing with my Dad and all the ski trips I took in college.  I warm myself with memories of my Dad and I skiing.  My Dad didn't like to loose me on the slopes, so he bought me a neon colored hat, it is hideous, but he could pick me out.  I still have the hat. 

Using that same logic, my Mom bought me some boots.  They have red trim on them, so when I am buried in snow I can be found.  It makes me laugh.  I am an adult but my Mom still worries about loosing me in the snow.  I guess you are a parent until you die.

Anyway, the buses remind me of the good times that we had skiing.  My feet are warm, downside to this is that I am more aware of how cold the rest of me is.  Looks like the year is off to a good start.

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