Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dizzy is coming, Dizzy is coming

We are expecting a celebrity in our house next week.  Because Hannah is so excited about having him come and visit, we are the first stop on his world tour.  She has arranged a whole itinerary of activities for him. 

There is a lot of discussion about where he will sleep.  Mac wants him in his room, Hannah wants him in hers.  But both are a little nervous he might keep them up all night.  You see his friend Fred, indicates that he likes to eat clover all night and stay up late watching movies.

Since it is the frozen tundra here, we have specially ordered some clover, complete with dew for him.  I really hope he has a good time. 

Who is coming you ask?  Dizzy, from the dizzysheep.com.  He is the mascot for the daily deal.  There is a cast of characters that support Dizzy in delivering a daily deal, but Dizzy is the star of the show. He is going to go out and visit his fans, see the world and generally party it up.  If you want more info on how this is going to go down, check out dizzy sheep

I realize that this is the 2nd post in as many days about some crazy knitting thing I am doing.  I realize that this might border on obsession, and I might be a bit crazy.  Winter is a hard time for me, and I have to do what ever I can to distract myself from the gloom and cold. 

We are all very excited about Dizzy!  Well, except maybe Bob, he tolerates my brand of crazy, but he doesn't participate in it!

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