Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Flying Yarn

At this late date in my life you would have thought I would have learned not to do things that require any skill at all when I am upset.  When we found out about Bob's first pay cut, I decided it was a grand time to replace all the switches in the house.  It didn't go well.  I haven't taken the time to actually finish that job, but let's just say, all I did was frustrate myself further.

So, yesterday, after I was summarily dismissed as not worthy to speak to, I decided to wind yarn.  I thought that this would ease my mind and make me happier.  Usually yarn solves all my problems.  That was not the case tonight.

I put the yarn on the swift and began to crank away at a steady speed on my KPC ball winder.  The KPC ball winder and I have reached an understanding, most of the time.  KPC means Knit Picks Crap.  Not all Knit Picks products are crap, but this ball winder is not worth the savings.  It is junk.  I sometimes wish for it to die, but a new one is not exactly in the budget.  So we spin on.

Back to our story, everything was going swimmingly.  The winder was cranking along and not skipping.  It wasn't getting tangled or anything.  I was starting to feel better.  Ok, I was whining to Bob about the situation, but still I was starting to feel better.  Anyway, I was cranking along a quite a clip, thinking about perhaps starting a new project in spite of Sock Wars, and the ball flew off the winder.  It was a projectile ball of yarn.  It hit the wall and bounced.  It is never good when sock weight yarn (it looks like think string) hurls across the room.

Since half the hank was still on the swift, this was well, not a good thing.  The feed end had tangled back on to itself.  The ball had become a horrid mess.  It took me a hour and a good deal of effort to untangle the mess and rewind the ball, which I did at a snail's pace.  I was not going to have it fly off the winder again.  The ball was wound, but I was not any happier than I was when I started.

No, I was frustrated about the whole flying yarn situation, and my feelings were still hurt by the way I was treated.  I have mixed feelings about making socks with this yarn... I just hope the yarn and I can kiss and make up.

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