Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Days?

Snow Days.  The seem to be a right of living in the vast white arctic tundra.  California kids dream about having school called off unexpectedly.  It is like a gift of childhood.  Have school canceled and spend the day playing in the snow and watching tv, when you are expected to be chained to a desk at school is like chocolate ice cream for dinner.

I never had snow days, I went to school every day unless I was sick.  So, when we moved to a snowy climate I got to experience snow days for the first time.  When Mac was little I dreaded them.  A day in the house with a toddler or preschooler who needed consistent attention and activity.  There was no lounging by the fire reading a book when he was small. 

As he has gotten older, my willingness to let him play computer and video games all day has increased.  As long as they do something active and something moderately good for their brains for at least a total of 2 hours, I am ok with the electronic diversions.  It becomes a day of watching movies snuggled under the blanket, and making snow forts.  Our last year in Connecticut netted us about 10 snow days.  I loved them.  It was a mini vacation from our lives and was an opportunity to relax and enjoy each other.

Here in Illinois where we live now, it basically needs to be white out conditions or REALLY, REALLY cold out.  I am talking 20 degrees below zero cold, before they close the schools.  Today, it is snowy, there isn't any plows out and the roads are bad.  I don't want to drive on them unless I have too.  I am not a sissy either, but there is a point to which risking life, limb and personal property is NOT worth going to run errands or go to preschool. 

So, I walked the boys to school and Hannah and I are having a snow day.  The problem with this, is that while it is nice not to have to have to boys around, I still don't get that snow day feeling.  I still had to go and help in Sam's class and take care of other things.  I had to get dressed, there is no fire and I still have to do house work.  Sometimes I think we should let the kids have a snow day or two.  It is good for the soul. 

ps the kids have to go outside for recess today too!

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  1. you should move out by us. they closed school for 3 days, even after the roads were plowed.