Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sock Wars, Part 2 cont.

Part 2, a view to a kill.

I got my socks yesterday, and I finished them yesterday.  Monday morning they will head over to the UK.  I emailed my target to let her know they were coming, in the hopes that she will finish her socks and get them to her target so that my new socks can stay in the US.  But, we will see!  I really don't want to wait for the socks the come from the UK... chances are too high that I will get killed before she gets them here.

Anyway, the new socks are:

I enclosed the following message, the names are everyone's Ravelry Ids.  So that is why they are sort of "strange."  Can anyone guess who mshmom is??  I know, big stretch.

The story of your death…. One lovely Friday afternoon a stealthy woman, SarahBee, started some socks for you. She chooses a Knit Picks yarn, in the colorway of Eggplant. It is 75% superwash wool and 15% nylon. You can toss it in the washer, but at your own risk.

But this is not a tale of yarn, but rather a tale of a cold hearted assassin, SarahBee. Her reputation for ruthlessness preceded her, and the bounty on her head was high. With top dollar offered for her death, SarahBess killed SarahBee, just before she offed her target. She was 75% of the way done… but close doesn’t count in Sock Wars.

This was good for you, Sassyass, because you lived another day. As in all gang wars, SarahBee’s death was did not go unnoticed by her fellow knitters. SarahBess had to pay, and pay she did. Mshmom took her out.

Don’t let the fact that she is a mom make you think she is weak. Mshmom has killed SarahBess, she has killed you dear Sassyass. Of course you would expect a mommy to be sweet and kind, but MSHmom wrangles preschoolers and school-aged kids… she is as ruthless as they come. How will it end? Only time will tell… you may watch from your grave. mmmaaawaaaahhhaa

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  1. You are way too creative for your own good! Glad you got them turned around so fast!