Wednesday, January 20, 2010

8 Things

Generally speaking, I like to lists on Wednesdays, unless something better comes along... Something better did happen at the Gym recently, but I will save that for another day.  So, here are my lists.

It was a challenge presented by throwing quarters.  I don't know the guy from Adam, ooh, wouldn't it be funny if his name really was Adam, but he lives in Cleveland, and I like to read about the old 'hood.  Besides, he is funny AND he said he would read my blog if I did this AND posted a comment.  So I am going to pop my throwing quarters cherry, post a comment and wait an see...  If you want to play, I will give you the rules at the end.

8 TV shows I watch:
Ok, no kid shows, I will only list the ones I really watch. No order other than the one which they pop into my head.

  1. Iron Chef -- I like all that cooking stuff
  2. Survivor -- been watching since the beginning, I feel like I have to now
  3. Greys Anatomy -- I have to keep up on medical stuff you know
  4. Two and a Half Men -- we all need a laugh
  5. How I Met your Mother -- see above
  6. Big Bang Theory -- see above, and has folks from Western Chi-land.
  7. Chopped -- Again with the food, I love to see what they will do with tomatoes for dessert
  8. Phineas and Ferb -- I know I said no kid shows, but I actually watch this one.  Cracks me up.  Besides it is good to bond with the kiddos.

8 Places I Eat or Drink

This is more difficult, because we are poor and have kids and don't eat out much.  I am always amazed when I hear about all the places other people with kids go, but we just don't eat out much.  So, there will be very few places with say, menus on the list.  It is a very pathetic list, especially given that we live in freakin' Chicago.  But, what can I say, when you have no funds, you don't eat out much.
  1. Panera
  2. Corner Bakery
  3. Baja Fresh
  4. Red Robin
  5. La Campana
  6. Jakes
  7. That Thai place we like... would help if I knew the name...
  8. Our house

8 Things I look forward to:
Again, no particular order... but here we go...
  1. Bedtime for the kids. Absolutely my favorite time of day.  LOVE it.
  2. Knitting on Sundays.. again, notice the theme, no kids?
  3. Going to Cali on vacation... I love to hang in the sun with my family.  They accept me for what I am and don't get upset about the things I am not.
  4. Summer Vacation... I know, sounds odd, but I love not having to be some place every second of every day.  We get to swim and play and it is fun.
  5. Going to the Gym.  I like the way it feels when it is over.  
  6. Eventually figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life
  7. All the kids in school all day.
  8. Having enough money that I don't feel like this whole move to Chicago was a big waste

8 Things that happened yesterday:
  1. They were out of pasta at Meijer
  2. Hannah had school, boys did not
  3. Storytime at the library, with the boys along (sort of harshes the storytime buzz when they are there)
  4. Beat Sam at Mario Kart... I am the bomb
  5. Went to Aldi, because they actually had the food I wanted
  6. Got my club yarn in the mail... yeah!!! :)
  7. Boys got haircuts and we lost the giftcard for the haircut place
  8. I did not do laundry.  Noteable only because I do it every day.

8 things I love about Winter

Ok, I can not, will not, am not able to come up with 8 things I love about Winter.  I love nothing about winter, so I am changing this to 8 million things I hate about winter, but will only bore you with 8 of them.
  1. Below zero temperatures
  2. People who don't clear their own freakin' sidewalks, I have to walk the kids to school, clean them meanies (I had more colorful language in mind but contained myself)
  3. Snow and ice and wind, all at the same time
  4. Getting dressed to go out side with three kids
  5. Putting the car on my neighbors lawn because someone pissed the township off and now they don't plow
  6. Lack of Sun
  7. Freezing my ass off in the house because I am too cheap/poor to heat the house properly
  8. Cleaning snow off the driveway, sidewalks, my car, etc.
8 Things on my wish list
  1. A Cleaning lady
  2. A night out without the kids, BUT with Bob... can not remember the last time this happened.  I miss dating my husband.
  3. A new laptop... so the kids don't keep using mine
  4. A new car so we can stop sinking money into the money pit of death we have.
  5. Peace on earth, ok just peace at our house
  6. Enough money so I can stop fretting about bills
  7. A spaceship, seriously, who doesn't want a spaceship?
  8. More time
8 Things I am passionate about:

  1. Christmas is a christian holiday and does not belong in schools, nor does Santa. Had to start with that
  2. Knitting
  3. Yarn
  4. My kids
  5. Bob, I realize he is part of the family thing, but I think he deserves his own line
  6. My friends
  7. Reading/writing
  8. Doing something for the greater good
8 words I often use (they might also be phrases)

  1.  Stop hitting your brother
  2. Do we need to go the hospital
  3. Clean up your stuff
  4. Seriously
  5. You have got to be kidding me
  6. Crap monkey
  7. Skedaddle
  8. It is time to get ready to do x
8 things I learned from the past:
  1. It ain't over till the fat lady sings.  My Dad always said the house isn't sold until the escrow closes.  I try and live by that, when ever I don't I tend to get into trouble.  Can we say Chicago? 
  2. Don't argue with anyone who is out of control.
  3. History repeats itself, so try and pay attention
  4. Don't microwave metal
  5. When you are pissed off it is a wise idea to not throw spoons, just sayin'
  6. Do not buy a house over the internet
  7. You can not control anything except your reaction
  8. It is a good idea to wait until you are calm to speak, or throw spoons.

8 Things I want/need  (
Somehow this seems a lot like my wish list, so I will try and focus on needs)
  1. A new car, have you seen our money pit of death?  It amazes me it is still here
  2. Money... would solve a lot of problems, not the least of which is how I am going to pay the tax collector and the mechanic.
  3. New underwear, still, I know
  4. My insurance situation to be sorted out
  5. Everyone to just get along for even just one day, read that how ever you want, globally or locally
  6. To be accepted into the family, I know, it has only been 13 years.. but still
  7. A friend with a 4 year old girl that lives near by and will go to PH.
  8. All the unemployed people to find jobs, soon
Whew, that is done... I bet you are tired from reading it... but here is the situation, if you want to do this too, then comment in the comment section and let me know, I will come to your blog and read it.  So, lets see if that Adam from Cleveland actually swings by and reads this boring non-sense... it will be interesting to see.  I will keep you posted!

Tomorrow, tales from the gym and a sock wars update (I keep typing cock wars.. makes me laugh).  So, rush right on back!


  1. Funny, my name IS adam!

    Of course I would stop by! You're from CLE? Sweet!

    I am with you bout the christmas holiday.

  2. I will do this soon. I'll let you know when it's done. I may change the restaurant part due to a long story based on a situation my husband got me into. (I'll explain another time.) Since T is the only mutual friend of ours, I could share here that I love love love Red Robin. I can't share that on my blog in case it gets into the wrong hands. Yeah...that's the craziness of it all.

  3. I posted an 8 things blog. Check it out. :)

  4. Oh, I think this is just perfect for today's post.

  5. you clever girl susanna. chuckle chuckle. I may attempt such in the future in my blog, for now I want to try to capture this new country in print

  6. you clever girl susanna. chuckle chuckle. I may attempt such in the future in my blog, for now I want to try to capture this new country in print

  7. I skimmed and missed where you said you changed it to 8 things you hate about winter..phew...

    Stopped by from Adams..