Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not even lunchtime yet

It is not even 9:00 in the morning and the kids are already fighting.  They spent the entire day yesterday fighting.  I realize that this is from spending too much time cooped up together.  But, since they refuse to go and play with their friends, I am left with no choice by to force them to play together.

By this point in the day, they have lost every single electronic item in our house.  That means, no computer, no video games, no television, etc.  It is all gone.  Yet, they continue to fight.  Finally I send them outside to play.  I realize it is hot out there, but I really need them to stop running around the house when they can do that outside.

We have plans for the afternoon.  We will be going out for lunch and then to the arboretum with friends.  I realize that this week has been a little unstructured as I try and get us ready to go on our trip.  I know that not having at least one very physical activity everyday is a bad thing.  But, I need to work on getting us ready to go.  I refer you back to the fact that they refuse to go to their friends houses. 

At 10:30, they decide that tickling each other and wrestling is a good idea.  By 10:45, everyone is in their rooms.  Despite repeated warnings that this type of game is going to end up with someone crying because they got hurt, they refuse to listen.  Guess what, someone got hurt and ended up crying.  Seriously, it ends this way EVERY SINGLE time, when do they learn?

I hope that they all calm down, because I am in no mood to deal with them.  We have a long journey ahead of us, and it is not a good thing if we all hate each other before we head out.  Sadly for them, as of right now, they won't be utilizing any electronic goodies until Friday, if they are lucky.

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