Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No Classy

Dizzy has Dream in Color Classy up today.  For those of you not in the know, Dizzy runs a yarn website that sells 1 type of yarn at a really good price.  The deal changes everyday.  I have been saying I would like to buy some Classy.  That the next purchase I make from Dizzy will be 6 hanks of Classy.  I have a 10% discount code.

That said, I have enough yarn to make 3 sweaters.  It takes me a year to make a sweater.  So, using my mad math skills I have enough yarn to last me 3 years.  I think that yarn has stopped being a supply for a hobby, but rather a collection.  I buy yarn because I like it and I want it near me, not so much because I have any plans to knit it. 

We will not discuss how much sock yarn I have.  But, it is no longer a supply and most definitely a collection.  I think that this is why I have this sudden interest buy sweater yarn.  My collection of sock yarn is pretty complete, so now is time to round out the sweater collection.  The problem is that sweaters are more expensive than socks, so we are talking about some serious coin now.

So, don't really need to make this purchase.  But I really want to.  I want to buy this amazing black color that looks black in some lights and green in others.  How cool is that?  Green is my favorite color, and to have it be tonal with the black, that just speaks to me.

BUT, I don't need it, and it is a lot of money that I don't have and shouldn't spend.  It is interesting how after almost a year of being super frugal I have been shopping like it is going out of style.  It is time to reign in the spending and not buy anything for awhile.  That said, should I start now or after I purchase 6 hanks of this yarn?

Sometimes when you are an adult you have to pass on things that are really just wants.  This purchase can in no way be perceived as a need.  There will not be a massive moth that will eat all the yarn in the world, and when I want to buy a sweaters worth in a year, there will still be pretty yarn available.  Possibly, quite likely, in the coloway I want today.

I think the first step to over coming an addiction is admitting you have a problem.  I will admit, I have a yarn problem.  Today, I admit the problem and I am stepping away from the computer.  I will not by the Classy.  Even though I really, really want it.

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