Saturday, July 17, 2010

Job opportunity?

No sooner do I wax poetic about the joys of working does the PERFECT job opportunity present itself. There is a new job opening at the Museum of Science and Industry here in Chicago. They are looking for someone to spend 30 nights in a cubicle. Essentially, they want someone to be a display. You have to blog and tweet about your experience. You get to live here:

There is no television, but I would imagine you would have a computer, so that would really solve that problem. Can you say Hulu? Besides, all I would really need is the complete NCIS DVD collection.

This really sounds like heaven on earth. 30 days, no responsibilities, oh and not to mention the $10k. I could catch up on my sleep. Just think of the knitting I could get done. Sadly, you can only bring 2 suitcases, would that be enough for all my yarn?

There is some pesky mention of tasks I would have to do during the day. How annoying is that, I mean really, if you are going to interrupt my quiet time with tasks, how will I knit 30 pairs of socks in 30 days?

Now, if I could only find someone to take care of the kids... this sure would solve a lot of our financial problems.

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  1. that does sound like a cool job. i assume there is time for bathroom and food breaks?