Sunday, July 4, 2010

Holiday knitting

I have a system to my knitted gift giving.  If you are someone who I think it worthy, I will make you something, but it will NOT be of good yarn and intricate pattern until you prove that you will adequately appreciate said gift.  I have to know that you use it, that you love it and that you really want more.

Why am I bringing this up during the heat of summer?  Because the holiday knitting season is upon us.  Knitters all over the world are wringing their hands, contemplating what and for who they will knit.  I have a few items on the holiday knitting list, but in all honesty as it stand right now, only 3 people in my life deserve merino.

A hand knit gift takes not hours, but days.  Even a simple dishrag takes an evening to make.  Before I am willing to commit hours of my life and a significant amount of money on making something for someone, they have to appreciate it.  Because, don't kid yourself, yarn isn't cheap and hand knit gifts are not a frugal choice.  I will not talk about how much I spend, but lets just say you could purchase a stuffed animal cheaper than I can make one.  But a purchased stuffed animal does not have love in every stitch.  It was not custom designed and created with you in mind.  It was not something that another person fretted over, worried about and created specially for you.

I read a blog by Wendy over at Knit and Tonic, and well, she says it much better than I do.  knit and tonic blog (Just click the underlined blue part and it will take you there, but won't bring you back, but that is ok, I am done here.)

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  1. I'm a very appreciative person...just sayin'....

    I agree with you whole heartedly, though, some (most) people just don't get it.