Saturday, July 24, 2010

Must be love

It must be love.  It has to be love.  Seriously, would you spend 6 days in a car, with three little kids, to see someone you didn't love?

I miss my friends in Connecticut so much.  I wish that they lived closer to me.  Sure, I have made some great friends here.  But, well, they still aren't the same as the gals in CT.

My van is so full, it looks like I am moving to CT.  I have old clothes, books and toys to pass on to my friends.  I have scooters, swim suits and towels, for all the activities we will attend.  Yes, they mostly involve water. I have food, dvd's, ds cartridges, chargers, headphones, books on tape and juice boxes for the ride.  I have enough clothes for us for 7 days, till we can do laundry.  3 kids... yes 3 kids.  We are low riding.

So keep an eye out for us, we will be the mini van ridin' low because it is so full.  Today, tomorrow and the next day we roll.

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