Wednesday, July 28, 2010


There are a lot of similarities between me and the cast of NCIS.

Me:  I vacationed at a house on Balboa.
NCIS:  The actor who plays Ducky rented that very same house from my Grandparents.

Me:  My last name is the same as one of the actors on the show.
NCIS:  Their is an actor with the same last name as me.

Me:  My Aunt has the same last name as one of the characters on the show
NCIS:  There is a character with the same last name as my Aunt

A note on the last names, one has one too many letters and one is short a letter.

Me:  I have a brother named David
NCIS:  There is an actor named David on the show

Really this whole comparison focuses on 2 actors on the show, perhaps I should go into forensics.

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